• Lying & Immoral

    Bill O'Reilly spreads misinformation and ignores facts. He thus enables multinational corporations and the 1% to continue their destruction of the Earth. He is a capitalist who believes that the poor and disenfranchised deserve their lot in life. He is a racist who incites ignorant people to violence and hate crimes. He sexually harasses women. Case closed!

  • Intolerance Destroys Freedom

    Bill O'Reilly has very strong opinions and has become known for his television rants and aggressive interviews, often with guests invited specifically because they disagree with him. It is not his opinions that make him a bad person, but his refusal to truly listen to opinions that differ from his own and fully understand the views of others. It is this lack of consideration for diverse voices that causes many of the issues in American society. O'Reilly's rhetoric and way of approaching situations is not good for debate because it is closed and intolerant, preventing people from becoming fully informed and welcoming voices that might disagree. Without proper, open debate, the country cannot advance. He uses his influence to berate people and shutdown opposing ideas rather than to create a platform for open and vital political discourse. His closed-mindedness doesn't make him a terrible person but it certainly makes him bad rather than good. If he used his fame and influence for good, he would be a better person.

  • Bill O'Reilly Loses Custody of his Children

    Bill O'Reilly lost custody of his children after domestic violence allegations. Although O'Reilly stated that these allegations are false, it's not the first time that he has run afoul of the law. In 2004, a former producer sued him for sexual harassment; a case settled out-of-court
    O'Reilly has used his platform on Fox News to reproduce offensive stereotypes about people of colour in the USA. He has previously compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the Nazi party, stated on The View that "Muslims killed us on 9/11" and told a Jewish caller to his radio show to return to Israel if he didn't like the idea of Christmas being a federal holiday.

  • Bill is not a bad person

    A lot of people think this because of political beliefs. Just because someone has a different political belifes. It is like which gender is better, male or female. You can’t judge a human unless they have done something deniably and horribly bad. Therefore, he is not as bad as everyone thinks.

  • No, Bill O'Reilly is not a bad person.

    My opinion says one human being cannot judge another as a "bad person" unless that person has done something absolutely and completely reprehensible. And even in instances such as those, there can sometimes be mitigating factors we are unaware of. So no, I believe Bill O'Reilly is far from deserving of being labeled a bad person.

  • Bill O'Reilly is not a bad person

    Whether one considers Bill O'Reilly to be a bad person or not depends on one's political affiliation. Those on the left tend to dislike him, while those on the right tend to like him. Like him or not, he is an extremely polarizing figure, due mostly to his penchant for overtly and loudly speaking his mind.

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