Is Bill O'Reilly the most politically balanced commentator on Fox News?

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  • A wing of the Republican party

    Fox News is not fair and balanced. It is a wing of the Republican party, and Bill O'Reilly is among the worst right wingers on the station. The most politically balanced commentator is Shepard Smith, who despite being associated with Fox News, might be the only true centrist on cable news.

  • Just reads the news

    No, he is not really the most politically balance commentator on Fox news. All of the anchors on the news do not voice their sides and beliefs though, they simply read off the news that is given to them, and everything they say has been planned out in advance to read.

  • No one is

    For a news net whose slogan is "Fair and balanced" Fox certainly isn't. O'Reilly is probably among the least balanced. 94% of Fox viewers are Republicans, so you know Fox is pandering to it's base. O'Reilly is usually trying to advance a specific agenda. Fox and O'Reilly mirror the Republican party, because they are the Republican party. If he was more politically balanced, we wouldn't know that.

  • Whole Station Biased

    I do not believe Bill O'Reilly is the most politically balanced commentator on Fox News. The entire Fox News station is biased and assuming that one reporter is less biased doesn't really say much. Balance is something a news station has to support in order for it to be a reality so there's no real point in calling any of the reporters more balanced than the others.

  • Steve Doocy is.

    No, Bill O'Reilly is not the most politically balanced commentator on Fox News, because O'Reilly is definitely a Rhino Republican. O'Reilly has his views of republicanism with some social intervention on the side. Doocy is more more politically balanced, because he has a way of stating his opinions while also stating how someone else might see something. Doocy does this in a funny way that does not alienate either side.

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