• He has many causes.

    Yes, Billy Crystal is a good example of a philanthropist, because he supports a number of philanthropic causes. These include the comic's fund, and AIDS research. What's great about Crystal's philanthropic work is that his charity is varied. He doesn't just support one charity for one cause, he supports so many causes.

  • Yes, he is a good person.

    Billy Crystal is a very good person and deserves to be put under this title after all he has done for the welfare of Americans and internationals everywhere. He is a very charity driven person and would do anything in his power to give to people who need more than he.

  • Yes, Billy Crystal is a philanthropist who donates time and money to charitable causes.

    Billy Crystal has hosted Comic Relief fundraising event with Robin Williams and Whooping Goldberg for years. They have raised millions of dollars and generated great awareness and valuable publicity for charitable causes such as homelessness. Crystal has generously supported many other causes including Hurricane Katrina relief, Aids and Cancer research, and human rights causes. Like many wealthy entertainers, he has often appeared on TV for good causes.

  • Yes, he is.

    The reason Billy Crystal is such a good philanthropist is because of the he approaches philanthropy. First of all, he's a celebrity, so that helps. Secondly he donates a lot of his own money, which i honorable. He also raises a lot of money and starts a lot of foundations with the New York Yankees.

  • Billy Crystal is not a philanthropist

    I disagree that Billy Crystal is a good example of a philanthropist because his charitable donations, however substantial, have not had enough of a noticeable impact in the eyes of the public. A good example of a philanthropist is someone who donates a large sum of money to a good cause on a public stage, and Billy Crystal does not fit this description.

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