• Yes

    I have seen the shows where they have the seals that went in interviewed. I also think that Al Qeada would say something if he was not dead. They would banter about that we were unable to kill him and he will remain in charge for ever. I think he is now buried at sea like they say.

  • Yes, Bin Laden is 100% dead

    There is only one true way of knowing whether or not information from a political source is legitimate. The timing. If there is no immediate political gain from the news, you can bet your bottom dollar it is legit. If the news comes at a convenient or ironic time in the political cycle, it is time to check multiple sources.

    While the news of Bin Laden's death is considered a victory for the Obama Administration, as well as Americans as a whole, the timing of the operation did not provide either party any political or financial advantage. There are also multiple sources and recounts of the event. Although the exact details of the event are debatable among the sources, all accounts end with Bin Laden's death.

  • Yes, Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Even though the Osama Bin Laden death photos were never publicly released, there is no way Bin Laden is still alive. If he were still alive, the first action he would take is capture a picture of himself next to something that proves the current date such as a newspaper and release it to the media to prove he is still alive. The Arab world would love take any opportunity to prove that the Western world lied to all of us.

  • Yes

    He is dead. I am happy that he is, not because I want him to be taken on the earth completely, but rather I wanted his influence to leave the earth so that people would have a chance of living normal lives in that part of the world. Don't you agree?

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