• Bing is good

    Most people who hate Bing actually have never tried it. In a recent blind test, where participants were asked to choose search and choose Bing or Google without knowing which is which, they chose Bing 2 to 1. I personally use Bing everyday. Bing rewards allow you to get free gift cards and other stuff, and it has Facebook integration.

  • Bing finds my web site easily, Google doesn't!

    Google has gone downhill in recent months - presumably they have changed their search algorithms yet again. Now it seems like sites that have multiple listings of environmental consultants are more likely to be on the first page than a consultancy that offers exactly what was required in the search. OK, I could try (again) to optimise my web site pages to suit Google, but that take a lot of time. I think on the current trajectory Bing will prevail. However, Google Scholar is still good for my work, so I won't abandon Google entirely. Phil Smith, Aquatonics Ltd

  • Bing isn't being properly judged.

    Nearly every individual who prefers Google to Bing is a biased party. This is because those who hate Bing often use Google and never use Bing. Google "fan-boys" don't really know what Bing has to offer, and in many cases, have either never, or very rarely, ever used The Bing Engine, and thus, are ineligible to compare the two.

  • Back Button Problem

    When I use Google it will not let me simply use my back button like it was supposed to work. I have to always hit it 2 or more times in fast order to simply go back one page. When I use Bing the back button works perfectly. I have read many posts that this is a problem with the Google program. I have used Google search for years and I have loved it. I am using Windows 7 on my laptop and I am now using Bing search. I like Google better when it used to work but Google is now forcing me to use Bing because Google will not reply to my questions and it appears that they can not fix this problem.

  • Bing found our baseball website

    I tried to search for our baseball website in both Bing and Google after submitting the url to each site. Bing found it but not Google... Even after repeatedly submitting the url to Google it still will not find it... So I would say Bing is better in this case!

  • It's really prejudged

    It's quite ridiculous, to be frank, Bing has vastly improved since launch, I mean, it has some brilliant features that Google doesn't, and to be honest, Google is starting to feel dated, the search results don't seem to appear quite as fast, and either way, people should stop arguing. :)

  • Google IS Better

    If Bing was better than Google it wouldn't think it needed to advertise itself. Bing is unsure of itself as to whether it really is the better one, so it convinces itself that it is, but to insure itself of this it advertises itself to no end. I mean, do you see Google going around advertising itself everywhere? No! Google is sure it's better so it doesn't campaign like Bing. Besides, I have always been perfectly satisfied with Google searches.

  • Bing is better

    Bing = less ads and more privacy. Google has become too invasive with information (which is why I stopped using Google Drive). Microsoft is a software company while Google is an ad company. Bing has vastly improved it's search engine. It's interface is very simple with minimum ads. Thou I still believe Google still has better apps such as Google Maps and Google Translator. But "Search Engine" wise. Bing FTW.

  • Bing is better because you get more accurate results and they have cool features like their backgrounds and whats happening recently in news and entertainment.

    People that prefer Google haven't used Bing. People that are used to Google use Bing just for one day and I guarantee you that you will have a better experience. I used to not use or like Bing but I recently started using it (but I still have Google as my homepage). But in the end Bing is better than Google.

  • Bing is Better than Google in many ways...

    Googleites are a lot like the old Appleites and can't see past the nose on their faces. I've used both and while I get OK search results from both, I don't care for the major advertising associated with Google. I am also put off by companies paying Google to raise their presence in searches. I have also read that if you search for something like Doritos, you will see many ads for Doritos. I also do love the cool crisp interface of Bing.

  • Bing Was Made By Microsoft

    Need I say more? Windows is made by Microsoft and everybody knows how bad that works. On the other hand, we have Google. A website that has been around since 1988. Bing has only been around since 2009. Bing's results are overly complicated. Google keeps the results simple. Google also has fun tricks. If you google up "do a barrel roll" for example, the google result page will do a barrel roll for you. If you search in "do a barrel roll" on Bing, it just gives you results of it. Same thing for "zerg rush" if you search it in on Bing, it does nothing. However, on Google, it gives you a game to play on the results where you have to click the o's to kill them before they eat up your results on Google. If you search up math equations you can put in on a calculator, Bing will just give you links. If you search it in on Google, it will give you a mini calculator with the result on the answer screen. On the home page for Google, they have interactive doodles on holidays, for example during the London 2012 olympics. Everyday of the olympics, Google had a doodle on their homepage where you play a game as if you were in the olympics. Bing's homepage just consists of professionally photographed images and a trending bar at the bottom. The Bing commercials say that more people prefer Bing over Google. Don't believe them, because more people prefer Google.

  • Google Is Better

    Google is much better than Bing. There is a reason why "Google that" is a common phrase. I have experience with both and Google is much more user friendly. Google also has much more services associated with their site and company such as Gmail, mapping apps, and is associated with Youtube.

  • No being isnt

    No being is not better , because I have always used Google since I was a little kid so Google is way better Google has almost been my answers to like homework my sister for spelling teaching us to do different things in life it would educate us a little

  • Do they have a movie about Bing? No, Just Google.

    Google has been around for much longer and in my opinion has better results. People who like Bing most likely like it cause the page is "pretty to look at." I tried Bing and heck my computer came pre-installed with Bing and it didn't have the feeling of "googliness" (quote from the actual movie "The Internship") that only Google can offer, They even made a movie with Google called " The Internship". Google also has doodles for Google, an amazing contest for kids of all ages to enter and have a chance to win $30,000 college scholarship, and a $50,000 technology grant for their school! How generous does that sound? Oh, wait but surely Microsoft has a contest to win a free Xbox or scholarship, right? WRONG because Microsoft is a money grubbing selfish corporation and I am no Sony or Nintendo fanboy or anything cause I own an Xbox 360 and have had Xbox live for 5 years. But that's not to say Bing is the worst thing ever, I and a lot of my friends just prefer Google and all their services like YouTube and Gmail. Overall I would highly recommend the solid and great services offered by Google. I would then recommend Bing if you like to stare at baby monkey's and rainbows while you search.

  • The look may be better

    It's true that Bing may be more appealing to the eye (at first). But Google has better shortcuts and better protection. If you have a Bing account and a Google account, you can notice the HUGE difference in quality. You are much more disabled with Bing. I definitely say NO.

  • Much More Friendly

    Google changes their logo every time a holiday or some important event is on that particular day. Bing doesn't take the time to show that they actually care. They just flash a colorful logo paired with an annoying sound and you got half the world using Bing instead of Google.

  • Duh! You should already know.

    Google is dominate than bing because one of popularity. Bing pay people to say bing is better than google. Google is popular with searches. I found more searches with bing way more than Google in any give day.

    Even the spell checker on here don't even recognize bing. When i made a mistake with Google, it had recognize Google. Now that is sad.

  • Because Bing is lying to people.

    Bing has directly challenged Google with the site 'BingItOn' but when you compare the results they provide to real Google results they don't match. It also doesn't have widely used email, search engine, or hardware structures. Google is well established and well developed, and Harvard grads aren't vying to get into Bing, they are applying to Google.

  • Google > Bing

    Google, as the world's #1 search engine, can easily best it's relatively new competitor, Bing, in the race for search engine domination. As Google has made itself a common verb in our everyday lifestyle, it's hard to imagine life without Google. A quarter-trillion dollars in net worth, Google is the largest online information service provider on the globe. Bing has few of the perks Google has to offer, such as the many comprehensive applications provided by Google. Google Maps is invincible, with its transit directions and most up-to-date information. Google Drive competes directly with other online storage applications. Google Mail, naturally shortened by most users to, 'Gmail', can call itself a major success. Not many services on the Internet can provide Google's vivid and graphic-rich Google Earth, even with the option to soar over the world and other planets in a 2D interface. Google provides doodles for important national and international events, also running petitions to protect the anonymity and safety of the worldwide web. Few can offer anything close to the company that has done it all; Google.

  • Survey says no.

    I've always been a huge fan of Google, but as part of a survey recently I did take the Bing challenge. I was a little worried that my own preferences would betray me, but the results came in and I picked Google three times, to Bing two times. Seems Google is actually the better option for me!

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