Is BioShock Infinite the best game of this generation?

  • I say yes because I have personally enjoyed playing this game often.

    As someone who has recently played Bio shock infinite and beat it. I was very much satisfied with how things went. While I disagree with killing Booker and Elizabeth at the end, I think that it made for a much better story. The people who made this game are geniuses.

  • Substance, quality and heart.

    I'm sure Bioshock Infinite won't be the game I've played the most this generation. However, its story, characters, setting, and game play will definitely stand out as what I think is an experience that was of the most quality of any game I've played this current console generation. This game is fun, intelligent and was obviously made with extreme care, yearly installment games could learn from Bioshock infinite, that taking time with your game increases the experience.

  • Yes, Undoubtably the best game ever

    The visuals are amazing, The best and most creative I've ever seen. I have never felt more connected with a character than Elizabeth and I thought the way Booker and Elizabeth were connected and developed as characters was perfect. The story line comes full circle at the end and was truly a remarkable way of connecting everything, From the original Bioshocks to the flying city of Columbia. I can understand that as strictly a shooter, It can be seen as a let down, But I think it comes down to what you are trying to get out of the game. For me, The story, Visuals, Audio, And immersion is what is more important to me, And the shooter aspect of the game only adds to its value. There are so many other "good" shooters out there that I'm glad Infinite focused on other aspects of the game other than just strictly the FPS pieces.

  • The greatest story ever

    This is the best story ever in a game. Its plot is far better and intriguing than many movies. Gameplay is fun. Greatest plot twist I've ever witnessed. The ending blew away my mind, no game in this world has a better ending than this I was in a complete shock after completing this game. The visuals I have seen in this game especially in the ending are awesome. The narrative, the characters, the beauty of Columbia, the artwork, what not everything in this game is extraordinary. OMG, I forgot to say I love Elizabeth, she is the most beautiful and prettiest girl I have ever seen in this world. She is the best companion I've ever walked with. Finally, this game is absolutely a MASTERPIECE!!!!!

  • Yes great game

    It has the best story in games. The plot is far better than any movies. Gameplay is enjoyable. I have never witnessed a better plot twist than this in my life. I love Elizabeth, she is the most beautiful and prettiest girl I have ever seen. U will just love the game.

  • Dares to be unique

    Never before in a video game have I been so pulled in by the world they created. The voice acting, the score, the beauty of Columbia, and quite possibly the best story ever put into a game. The way the game progresses is done flawlessly and swiftly. This is a game that every gamer needs to experience.

  • Would you kindly

    Agree? I have played over 70 hours of this game, and it has not gotten repetitive at all. This is only my second favorite game, since I also play Sunset Overdrive. The gameplay is great, the story is confusing (but good), the sounds, lighting, atmosphere, effects, and everything are great! Elizabeth is such a good companion, she rivals Rose Tyler and Clara Oswald from Doctor Who! The Lutece [twins] are awesome. Songbird is cool. Now, the bad things: You can get pinned in a corner by a handyman and be unable to get out. The NPCs are weird. Just WEIRD. 1999 (and 1998 in Burial at Sea 2) are too easy. Handymen are overpowered. The siren is overpowered. Well, those are all the negatives, and you only heard a small fraction of my positives. If you do not yet have this game, consider getting it. Watch a few videos so you know you make the right choice, since not everyone has my opinions.

  • 420/360 - ign

    This game really strikes a chord with the person who plays it, as it immerses the player in an unbelievably fascinating environment where everything has a way of enchanting you. This game is sold as a FPS shooter genre, but the incredible portrayal of sophisticated concepts and ideas blend together perfectly to satisfy the minds of whoever plays. I barely noticed the shooting and action themes within the game as I was so enthralled with the plot at hand that I felt like I wanted to accomplish what I wanted for myself. I've never had such an experience in gaming, where I wanted to get something done for myself and not some prick who wanted me to do some senseless thing for them in an attempt to build character depth or whatever. If you find yourself lacking a hard on for explosions and gore, the mental satisfaction received will make sure to attend to getting your body ready for being raped by the beauty of this game. Seriously, I find the people who find the subtle flaws in this game absurd, because if they took a Xanax dose and calmed down, they'd discover that once you focus on the general picture and mood of the game, it truly encompasses what a sophisticated game looks like that conveys both the human psyche and science through your adventures though Colombia.

  • Yes BioShock is most definitely the best game of this generation.

    It's beautiful, it's funny, it's gory, it's cleverit's, no it's genius story telling and game design and it's mind bendingly mind bending. This game rocked me in the best way and that is not an easy thing to do. The second time I played through I made one simple choice differently and it made differences that I didn't even realize until the end. 5 stars +1,000

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  • BioShock Infinite Is Not the Best Game of ANY Generation

    Let’s just skip any argument concerning the theatrics and visualized imagery of the game, and diagnose the primary objective. It is just another in a long line of single shooter games that advocate, and promote violence. Each new occurrence of an innovative violent type of video game is nothing more than another dagger in the back of a society that already is coiled within a downward spiral of ethical morals when it comes to human life. With hundreds of non-violent games on the market to push BioShock further down the ladder of credibility, it is nothing more than another form of video violence, therefore doesn’t deserve any credit as the best game of this, nor any other generation.

  • Not even a contender for GOTY

    The story has a lot of plot holes and while interesting for the first half of the game or so, pretty much as soon as you kill Daisy Fitzroy the plot turns really really retarded and the gameplay stops progressing (no more new weapons and plasmids!). They introduce a plot device too powerful for a good story, kind of how the show LOST can write everything off as "it was all a dream," Bioshock Infinite writes everything off as infinite alternate dimensions and "self brainwashing". They also changed the whole meaning of the stories of the other Bioshock and Systemshock games by just trying to explain too much. The game is linear, presents a few meaningless choices (not even multiple endings in this one let alone multiple anything, each playthrough is the same) and is extremely easy with the exception of the only boss fight in the game which you fight three times for some reason with no variation or increase in difficulty. Overall this game was a massive step down in quality from the Bioshock name, a real disappointment. I'd give it a 5 or 6 out of 10.

  • All of this is pure subjective.

    Now I will admit BioShock Infinite is a amazing game, i think we all an agree on that. For me though it is not the best game ever, it never felt like THE best game of this generation. To me that place belongs to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I love that game and to me its the best game ever! But like I said of all of this is purely subjective to our taste for entertainment.

  • All show and no heart - see Inception.

    Everything looks pretty for the first 30 minutes, and the collection of modern music sung in the style of the 1910s makes for a brilliant soundtrack (minus the horridly unfitting singing of Elizabeth in "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"). After that it becomes another "dark and gritty" FPS.
    The story jumps from one theme to the next, but barely manages to scratch the surfaces of any them. You can tell that the story-writers just threw a bunch of "whoa that's heavy" themes into a big pot; none of the ideas in the game were explored in depth. The end result is one big jumbled mess. The alternate-universe storyline was explained through fridge-logic, yet still filled with plotholes. Ghost mum? They might as well have said it was magic. Worse was the ending, since it's one of those "interpretation" endings like the one in Inception. This "unconventional ending" trend in videogames is going nowhere and game makers need to stop doing that. It can't be too much to ask for a proper resolution, and not one which forces the player to make up their own satisfying ending just to compensate for the fact that the creators didn't. And after all that emotional build up throughout the game, the ending felt flat and executed like machine code. It should've been emotionally moving, especially for a game like this, but it wasn't, because they chose to regurgitate pretentious pseudo-science-fiction instead.
    Onto the characters. The Luteces were wonderful and a highlight of the game. Booker was generic. We didn't see enough of Comstock. Elizabeth was not only overhyped, but one of the worst characters due to poor voice-acting, poor script-writing, and poor physical design. She is the only character in the game who does not even look human. Compare her face and body model with those of the other female civilians. I get she's supposed to be different, but Elizabeth belongs in another game altogether. Her proportions are all wrong - a Disney princess' attitude and face, with a 10-year-old's body and a 30-year-old's voice. The dialogue after you interrupt her dancing is an obvious example of her poor dialogue and acting. She did not pace her speech with Booker's. Her expressions didn't match her voice. Her lines were terribly written and performed, so her entire reaction to "going-to-Paris" was painfully unconvincing. It was tough building back the immersion after that.
    After a promising start, the game continues to disappoint all the way to the end.

  • Its scenario is unbeatable but its gameplay is old school FPS.

    Don't get me wrong, I am loving this game. It is an incredibly polished and immersive experience, but I just finished playing Far Cry 3, and the sheer freedom of choice of that game along with is similarly great character acting and scenario shows Bioshock for what it is: A very beautiful but ultimately old school linear FPS, albeit with a great storyline. Free roaming FPS games have been around for years, but the last couple of years Far Cry 3 and Skyrim have added such polish and production values to a much more evolved sub-genre than the linear FPS, that surely these are games of the generation.

  • While not game of the generation, definitely one of the greatest games of this gen, if not one of the best of all time.

    Simply put, from a story standpoint it's simply amazing. The chemistry between DeWitt and Elizabeth, the top notch voice acting and mind blowing ending make it simply a must experience. Without spoiling the ending is extremely satisfying and well thought out. Playing the game a second time lets you delve even further into the world and many things start to make more sense (Plus the 1999 mode for added difficulty). Atmosphere is just as amazing as the world of Rapture with a more colourful vibrant aesthetic to it. Simply gorgeous on PC.

    As for gameplay, it's above average. Its more of a twitch shooter and while polished and fun to play, seems a little weaker with how the new vigors work compared to Bioshock 1 and 2. Having only 2 weapons at a time is kind of a let down, tho you constantly have access to every weapon type throughout each skirmish. Bioshock 2 still has the best gameplay overall for the series, but especially with how shooters are nowadays Infinite is better than most. Keeping this short, above average gameplay with enough variety combined with some of the best scenes, story, voice acting, and immersion make this a GOTY for sure.

  • No, it is not nearly as awesome as advertised.

    The game play is weak. The story is more of a bash on religious people and not about the actual city we all have been dying to see. The vigors are pretty much useless. Sure shock was good for stunning people but other than that I didn't use them. Also, it is not good for telekinesis. The story was predictable to me.

  • A nice looking bargin bin game filled with old tropes.

    Even though the visuals might be nice on the eyes, this game is lacking in gameplay/gunplay and is rehashing a lot of old tropes from past "shock"-games. The addition of an AI-partner (Elizabeth) isn't frustrating as Sheva was in Resident Evil 5, but she doesn't feel that useful either. Add a convoluted story and unmemorable characters, and you're probably better off watching "Fringe" or "Lost" on TV. It's certainly not a bad game per se, but it's not the great innovative game every rave review on MetaCritic is making it out to be. It's a 7 out of 10 game that's ultimately forgettable and definitely not the best game of this generation.

  • That gunplay was terrible.

    The gun mechanics were absolutely terrible. I also felt there was a lack of plasmids compared to previous titles, the game focused far more on shooting. I found the story predicable and even though I liked the seeting, I felt the whole experience was wrapped up in something that felt very half baked

  • The gameplay is frustrating

    It isnt difficult at all.I mean even if try with all your might you wouldnt lose . Games have to be challenging . The vigors are just a bad version of grenades . I dont know what the critics like so much about it . The tears of elizabeth arent any useful

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