• Do your research

    I am against abortion and just learned after years of being on the pill it can indeed be abortion. To every woman who posted that it only prevents pregnancy, do your research! I used to think that same thing. However, it is to do several things to prevent pregnancy, the sad truth is the final step indeed kills a baby if it gets that far. I will explain for those of you who don't want to believe. Definition of pregnancy is the fertilization of an egg. Birth control tried to reduce and prevent ovulation, however there is mounds of research that show even a woman who takes birth control perfectly can still ovulate and sadly it happens often. So next step is to thicken mucus so the sperm can't fertilize the egg. No baby no abortion. But, the third step that you woman including myself were uneducated on is that fertilization does happen on birth control. Even when taken perfect. One study showed up to 25% of the time. Yet birth control has more like a 4% fail rate. Why is that? Because of the third step to birth control which thins the lining of uterus, this makes the fertilized egg, aka the baby, unable to attach or attach properly. The baby then dies from lack of nutrition as it was never able to implant. Now I had no idea, but do your own research, I was in shock after looking through several creditable references. Yes it's meant to prevent pregnancy, but do t kid yourself, if you do get pregnant, it's also meant to make sure the baby doesn't get the chance to survive. Morning after pill is the same thing concept. It is to prevent attaching not to prevent pregnancy. Please, make the best choice for you but do your research

  • Birth Control Is Abortion

    Birth control is indeed abortion, given that the act of procreation is first and foremost meant to reproduce. Anything to interfere with it could be construed as abortion on biological terms. There is always a chance of technology going askew, rendering the whole exercise pointless. Therefore, on that small chance a theoretical argument can be made, given that the act of sexual reproduction is being engaged in, that there is a chance of children. Also, if you're going to have sex, you had better be able to live with the consequences. Therefore, birth control is abortion. If you have a legitimate reason why this isn't the case, or that there is another way of viewing the problem from a rational standpoint, by all means point it out.

  • Its like preventing the need for a true abortion

    Basically, if anyone taking birth control got pregnant, they would want an abortion. How many would go through it, I don't know, but they would not want a kid and probably at least think about it. All this is is stopping an abortion before necessary. I dont care how exactly it scientifically works. It is stopping a woman from getting pregnant.

  • I have An iud and noticed it is a form of abortion

    I’ve had and iud for 6 years over the pass 2 years I’ve paid close attention to my body to due my cycles being regular so this month my cycle was late once again on the (how far am i app) I’m 5/6 weeks at 4/5 my test said no at 5/6 weeks it said yes but the first line disappeared that same week i begam to cramp (i dont Cramp and still no cycle- hurting bad) the doctors test said i wasnt But my test said i was And after going through this i do Strongly believe it kills th embryo because 1 1/2 weeks after the pain i got My cycle but keep in mind it’s been regular every month

  • The answer is in the Holy Bible

    Of course Sex on demand or when ever we want is great right, but it is for Only one purpose for a Man an a Women to have children an that pleases GOD. Anything else is Self-gratifying even Gluttony could describe what we use it for now. Bible teaches the seed of a Man should not be spilt unless in a women. Otherwise it is a Sin. A Form of abortion if you will ,so women you r not the only ones who have Abortions with Birth control.

  • Birth control is murder!

    Stopping a child from being conceived is the same thing as killing the child!! What if your parents took birth control and it stopped your life from happening? Birth control is just horrible and it encourages premarital sex. And if someone honestly doesn't want a kid, them they should just not have sex!

  • Some birth control are abortion

    Continuous Abstinence, Surgical Sterilization (Tubal Ligation or Vasectomy), The Male Condom, Diaphragm, The Female Condom, Cervical Cap, Periodic Abstinence or Fertility Awareness Methods are control methods that prevent birth without any abortions.
    Intrauterine Device (IUD)Depo-ProveraOral Contraceptives (Birth Control Pills) The Patch (Ortho Evra)The Hormonal Vaginal Contraceptive Ring (NuvaRing)Emergency Contraception ("Morning After" Pill, Postcoital Contraception, Plan B, etc.) can cause abortion.

    Check them out at

  • Birth control is NOT abortion.

    Calling birth control a form of abortion is just obfuscating two different "controversies". Birth control prevents pregnancies, not abort them. So in short: birth control is nothing even close to being a form of abortion. Abortion involves a fertilized egg, and birth control never lets things progress to that stage.

  • Birth Control is not abortion!

    Birth Control is not abortion because it is not eliminating a living organism. The purpose of birth control is to PREVENT A PREGNANCY NOT END IT. It increases the thickness of the lining inside of the females body so that sperm can not get through and penetrate an egg as well as keeps eggs/ovaries from coming out. For it to be abortion it would have to kill something, and seeing as how our body naturally kills off sperm and other things without birth control, this idea is a dead end. In addition, females can still get pregnant while on birth control. If it was abortion, and abortion means to terminate, then how is this possible? Its possible because it is just a prevention tactic, NOT A TERMINATION TACTIC.

  • There is no fetus fused into existence to be terminated.

    Thus no fetus can be aborted. I certainly approve of barrier methods, though I won't pretend to know enough about other methods to promote them. Regardless, birth control (early) is a better method of preventing the birth of an unwanted (and thus unloved) child than abortions later on through the pregnancy. Additionally I believe that it is up to the parents to decide on whether or not to use birth control or abort the fetus/fusion of egg+sperm, depending on whether or not they want a child or are physically, mentally, emotionally or financially capable of raising a child at that moment in time. It's certainly not up to others to make this decision for them.

    P.S. Sorry that I had to go off topic a little with the morality of abortion, however I had to reach the stupid word limit somehow ((instead of just being able to say 'no') since I don't believe there's much to debate on this matter, though I could (and probably will be) proved wrong)).

  • Birth control taken regularly is not abortion

    Since the common definition of abortion is the termination of a human pregnancy, ordinary birth control is not abortion using this definition.

    However, when looking at emergency contraception, we have the issue of what exactly constitutes 'pregnancy'. If you take the view that pregnancy begins from the moment of conception, then it is possible that emergency contraception such as the morning after pill may here be causing an 'abortion' if it prevents an already fertilised ovum from implanting in the lining of the uterus. However, it may be that this contraception id in fact preventing the release of an egg, in which case, it cannot possibly be causing an 'abortion'.

  • Abortion terminates a life.

    Unless you are removing a living organism that has all human chromosomes present then you are not aborting. Birth control just prevents life from being conceived not terminating it so it is not abortion. All prevention methods like condoms, birth control, vasectomy are not abortions because no life dies when they are used.

  • Birth control is not abortion

    Birth control helps prevent pregnancy. It is not a form of abortion. Abortion is a form of abortion. There are many forms of birth control and most prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg. Neither a sperm or an egg is a living being so if anything birth control prevents abortion.

  • No, it is being responsible

    Birth control does not kill a fertilized fetus. I prevents the egg from ever coming in contact with the sperm. Therefore not aborting anything. People that are using birth control are being responsible because they know that this is not the time to have a baby or put them self in a place where they do have to have an abortion.

  • No, it is preventative

    Birth control is not a form of abortion. Even to those who believe life begins at conception, it would not be a form of abortion, because birth control's purpose is to prevent conception. A sperm and an egg are just cells, and, by themselves, have no chance of turning into a human. Preventing their unification is not abortion.

  • Birth control is not a form of abortion

    Birth control is made to prevent pregnancy, whereas abortion occurs after conception. Birth control is available in many forms and should be used properly by following any instructions given. If birth control is used properly it will prevent pregnancy and therefore prevent the need for abortions. Birth control usage is a better option than abortion.

  • No it stops it

    They're are people that don't want to feed the kids in the USA now. Then they turn around and preach about birth control. Jesus wants us to take of poor children and the immigrant children. Yet they want more children. Can't have it both ways can't take food stamps away and want more kids to suffer.

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