• Bisexuality Is Real

    Not Only Is Bisexuality Real, But It's Also Natural (Bottle Nose Dolphins & Dogs Are Bi). It Has Been Proven Scientifically That Both Men (Males) & Women (Females) Can Be Bi.

    Just Because Someone Is Bi:
    It Doesn't Mean They Like Threesomes.
    It Doesn't Mean That They Will Cheat
    It Doesn't Mean That They're Confused.
    It Doesn't Mean That They're Closeted Gays.
    It Doesn't That They're Going Through A Phase.
    It Doesn't Mean That They Fuck Anything That Walks.

  • Yes, it is

    Bisexual is real and human being, support bisexual and all kinds of love, bisexual women and men, bisexual and bi-curous people. Looking for couples, couples looking for female, single bi dating, women dating couples, all bisexual people are need support and love, love is love, support all kinds of love.

  • Well Yes Obviously

    Bisexuals aren't just confused. Sometimes, they are the very opposite of confused. Bisexuals and pansexuals aren't confused, they just like both genders (and in pansexuals case, third gender too (transgender, hermaphrodites, genderfluid, etc.)). I am pansexual, and the very opposite of confused. I find people attractive. I don't give two shits about gender. In fact, people often mistake my gender, and you know what? I don't even correct them.

  • Sexuality is determined by oneself, not society.

    Sexuality is defined as who one is attracted to. If one is "tiger-sexual", and thus is attracted to only tigers, then so be it. Sexuality is defined per-person. To say that any sexuality doesn't exist is preposterous.

    Everyone leans certain ways, in fact too many unique ways to define. Bisexuals are attracted to either binary gender. Homosexuals are attracted to the same binary gender, and heterosexuals are attracted to the opposite binary gender. Asexuals don't have any sexual interest, pansexuals don't care about gender at all.

    Sexualities are simply labels, no different from Republican and Democrat. You don't have to fall exactly into some objective definition of sexuality.

  • Sure it is.

    I can't for the life of me understand why people don't get the simple emotional part of these arguments "straight". Opposition on religious grounds are understandable. Ridiculous, closed minded, hateful, but understandable. What isn't understandable is how anyone can be so unwilling, unable, to understand that some people are attracted to the same sex and some both.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Yes it is

    People who are bisexual are not just confused. Some people can like guys and girls. It does not make them selfish, and it does not mean they fall in love with every person they meet. It is a very real thing, and people need to me more open-minded about it.

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