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Scam requires hidden information, but bitcoin is open sourced.

  Bitcoin is open sourced. All the details are in the paper and no one is out there to con you or anything. Even if the founder wants to generate more bitcoins now he can't without going through more than 50% consensus. You can choose not to buy in to it but that's different from a scam. It's also designed to be used as a currency, not an investment. Right now it's at its infancy hence the value fluctuates a lot but it's not designed to help people make loads of money. If you are getting in hoping to get really rich (and didn't) then it's really your own fault. Bitcoin also doesn't magically help money launderers and drug dealers either. Guess what's better than bitcoin for that? Cash. Cash transactions are untraceable and private unlike bitcoin, so unless we want to ban cash not sure why bitcoin is blamed for that. The hard part of money laundering is usually not in tracing the money anyway, but rather justifying your source of income. For example if you have no job and suddenly bought an expensive house (with cash or bitcoin) you better have a compelling story to tell IRS...
Cats_Paw says2014-01-02T15:25:19.640
You really think governments around the world will allow an uncontrolled crypto curency? They wont... But obviously they will not do anything untill its worth it. So untill the benefit from taking down those is bigger than the cost to take them down, bitcoin and similar will be allowed to work. I used this example before but, again, megaupload. Why other servers are not touched? Because they didnt have 500 million to take from them.
You say they need 50% concensus to change something... Does the law in your country guarantee that? Will they take legal action if that rule is broken? Will you be compensated by the fine that will be payed in case there is a trial? If not, im afraif you have no guarantee.
peterTheGreat says2014-05-20T20:27:15.580
Linux is open source, how many people have ever read through it line by line? The public is not all that tech savvy and are easily fooled by buzz words.
Mikenekro says2015-05-31T05:39:23.980
Lol he says does the law in your country guarantee that. Obviously he was talking about a 51% attack and not 50% political consensus. You should really learn about something rather than hate what you don't understand. If you hate it after you learn what it really is, that's fine. IBM, Samsung and many other big electronic companies are using blockchain technology to create the internet if things and many useful financial and economical improvements.

To you peterthegreat, many tech savvy people have read through the BTC source and have seen nothing out of the ordinary for the job that code has.

Let me know what you are seeing in the source code that is so scammy. I haven't seen anything suspicious about it.
HarryTruman33 says2015-07-04T22:34:33.670
No, we don't even know who made it.
harrytruman says2015-09-07T02:53:02.580
No, he would just have to go over to his bit coin miner, put in "100000000000000" and hit "mine" wouldn't have to tel anyone
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