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How exactly could a an open source p2o cryptography protocol be a scam?

  Its a protocol people, and one of the best ones yet invented, the only people calling this a scam are the ones who don´t know anything about it. Is it risky to invest your money into? Yes. Does that make it a scam? No. This shouldn´t even be on the table for debate
springtulip says2014-01-10T20:48:39.187
This is like arguing an innocent Tulip in a open market cannot become the tool of a scam.
oneal says2014-05-17T12:09:02.523
The people who bought the coins early when they where super cheap are just trying to get people to invest into it so those cheap coins end up selling for a lot more, thus making them a huge profit. Thats how its a scam.
peterTheGreat says2014-05-20T20:26:13.240
The source code might be open source, but the servers running it have many back doors.
Mikenekro says2015-05-31T05:25:07.067
Servers running BTC? You mean everyone mining or with a wallet? Unless you are talking about the seed nodes, which aren't really nodes. The community decides the nodes they use aswell. I have developed my own digital currency off of Bitcoin source and had seed nodes but if there are more people in the network then the nodes, those nodes have no real power.

Although, technically you could create sort of a bridge in the Bitcoin network if you controlled 51% of the mining power allowing you to take the network in the direction you choose but that would take a lot of money and a lot of electricity now a days. Was more likely to happen when the GPUs were in control then the ASIC era. The network of people will fight back if the 51% attack happens as proved when 51% of mining power was in 1 pool years back.

Also, the seed nodes have changed since it first came out. If you want, set up a few Linux VPS and host the Bitcoin client on them with the seed nodes changed to your VPS'. You need to recompile the coin with your seed nodes implemented in the source code. Then run it on another computer. It will connect to your nodes.
harrytruman says2015-09-07T02:53:58.350
It's not backed, any bit coin miner could just mine more, it's a scam people.
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