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Yes. Bitcoin could be a scam.

   I do not know a whole lot about Bitcoin, but there is always a chance something new is a scam. If people are looking to use it then they should do as much research before hand to get all their facts straight. Right now, there are many scams out in the world and it is important to be on our toes.
Anonymous says2013-07-29T14:01:15.190
How new do you think bitcoin is? It is four years old now, so not so new in internet terms. Long enough for people to have read and understood the code for it.
svantetobias says2013-11-15T19:04:20.133
Haha. So your argument is that Bitcoin is a scam because it is new? I'm sorry, but you have to do better than that for anyone to engage in a meaningful conversation with you about this.
peter0000 says2013-11-15T19:53:58.917
You don't seem to know much about bitcoin. Please, next time research a topic before trying to pass judgement.
rgurule says2013-11-16T03:37:46.463
I don't understand the code, but I place my faith in the community of computer programmers that do understand it. The code is open-source, which means anyone can read it. It it was a scam, just about every cryptographer would have to be in on it.

I enjoy other free-open source programs. Apache Open Office is an office program like Word/Excel that anyone can download for free!
harrypalmer631 says2018-08-02T18:59:04.423
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