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Its tricky, but it looks to good to be true

  I've been doing a lot of research and it seems that to get bit coins you must invest i good amount of money, so either buying at bit coin or buying a rig that mines them cost an considerable amount of cash, and the process of mining inst guaranteed income if yu rig isnt top of the line with the most expensive hardware your not making profit, not to mention the cost to constantly update to the latest hardware cost more than is made, in my opinion it seems like a way to make people spend real currency on either the coins or the rig to make a currency that's not back by anything. Sure the first people who got into are making a profit but like any good scheme, thats what happens, you make it look good.
Cats_Paw says2014-01-02T15:44:23.667
Dont forget the fact that its a currency that depends on computers/internet to even exist. There is a reason why paper money is designed to be hard to copy. Its the oldest trick in the book: Give me XX real money and ill give you XXX money. The greed makes you pay the XX, becouse you are thinking only about the XXX you will get.
ian_stagib says2014-01-07T12:38:05.403
Don't be sad because it's too hard for you to mine. Do you go out there, buy a piece of land that you hope has gold on it, spend millions in equipment and labour costs and only then try start digging for gold? I doubt it. Take a look at the gold rush. It was easy to run out there with a pan in the beginning and start prospecting. As the easy pickings dried up people had to start digging. It's similar here. Now, if people want to get gold as an investment they pay money for it. Are you gonna cry about that?
Tuxavant says2015-09-09T19:12:49.123
You earn bitcoins just like you do dollars/euro/yuan. There are dozens of exchanges to realized an exchange rate. You can buy/earn as little as a US penny's worth of bitcoin. In fact, one single US penny will buy you 44 bits (each bit is a millionth of a whole bitcoin).
Kymommacute says2018-01-30T03:35:01.223
Bitcoins or any Crypto currency are never a scam. We only need to be careful handling our various accounts. I lost about $43k worth bitcoins last December due to a fake phishing websites to steal bitcoins. Many thanks to James Smith of Cryptoreckondep@tuta.Io who came to my rescue recovering all. A trial with him gives me the effrontery to post this for more people out there to benefit
harrypalmer631 says2018-08-02T18:58:36.833
Bitcoins has been banned in Indian and many other countries but you can still buy and sell safely at cryptoexmart. Com When you sell to them, They use third parties to make safe transfers to your bank account and you get money safely in less than 4 hours.
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