• Yes, the Bitcoin is trustworthy.

    Bitcoins represent authentic investments. They are neither illegal or fraudulent. With that noted, Forbes magazine, a leading investment and financial publication, makes clear that putting money in Bitcoins represents a financially risky investment. Merely because an investment is legal and legitimate does not automatically render it suitable for all people because of the element of risk involved.

  • Bitcoin can be trusted as a safe currency.

    Bitcoin has been recognized by the United States and other governments as a legitimate currency,and is accepted by more mainstream retailers each month. A great advantage to Bitcoin is that its value is not tied to one country's economy. For example, each time the United States prints more paper money, the US dollar is worth less. Because Bitcoin is not affected by this, it is more likely to hold value. As long as you take great care with your digital wallet (paper wallets are a good option) Bitcoin is just as trustworthy as any national currency, if not more so.

  • Bitcoin is growing in popularity and more and more trustworthy people are using it.

    Although bitcoin has been used by criminals in the past, as it increases in popularity, more people are buying into the concept. As people continue to accept it as valid currency, then its credibility will also continue to grow. This may take some time, but like any new system of exchange, faith in it must be built gradually.

  • No, electronic currency is still in its infancy.

    While Bitcoin remains a fun buzzword for TV news and Internet chatter, there is very little substantial information citing the trustworthiness of it. The use of digital currency has not been accepted by the mainstream and likely never will, as there is too much concern about the privacy involved. In fact, Bitcoin is not even regulated, further hampering its legitimacy.

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