• BitTorrent Best Torrent Client

    I personally think that BitTorrent is the best torrent client software because it helps people to be able to surf the Internet as well as browsing their computer system easily. I personally think that BitTorrent is the best torrent client software which is one of the best software's for a computer system.

  • Yes BitTorrent is the best torrent client application.

    BitTorrent the file sharing application published by BitTorrent Inc. is the best torrent application on the market. It is developed and maintained by the people who created the bit torrent technology, it is rock solid and very easy to use (even for novice users who have zero understanding bit torrents.) I've used it for over six years with great success.

  • Most Widely Known

    I believe BitTorrent is the best torrent client and it is certainly the best known. Having used BitTorrent I prefer it because it is easy to talk to other people about and ask questions when needed without trying to track down a small sect of people that use the client.

  • So many others

    Bit Torrent is a great service and a great file transfer protocol, but the client put out by the group itself is not particularly great, and has not been in many years. There are several that have more functions and uses, and utorrent is a tiny client that can do the same.

  • Plenty of Sites Do the Same Thing

    The newest thing is cloud computing. With such advances as huge memory storage capacities in the cloud, BitTorrent has become somewhat of a dinosaur. Massive data storage devices and servers house trillions of bytes of information needed by big business in order to operate in today's Internet world. BitTorrent isn't the best torrent client any more, nor is it the best way to download files to computers.

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