• Yes to Kb/s, No to bottlenecks

    Allowing for distribution of files among peers in the network in stead of keeping them inside central points of failure makes for a more resilient systems, Both in terms of technical capability and regime threats. When the average user upload increases, So does the download speed in the network. While artists of course must get funded to work, It is not sensible to govern the whole of the internet with laws from special interests.

  • A great program

    I believe that in the near future this program, which is now only a prototype, will take off and become one of the biggest programs in the nation. This program is great for sharing documents from peer to peer, and will help out a lot of students and businesses soon.

  • BitTrorrent maybe gone soon

    I think the era of torrents will decrease as the government and law enforcement agencies are continuing to crack down on torrents. Especially the illegal movies, music, and games. There are a lot of torrents like this out there and this will ultimately cause the downfall of the torrent era.

  • Um, it's been around for a while.

    If BitTorrent is the "future of downloads" then the future has been here for the better part of a decade now. Most people use Torrent these days because its distributed downloading is much better than trying to battle for a slot on an overloaded file server. Also, I think the asker may be confusing torrents (the protocol) with BitTorrent, a specific client.

  • I Doubt It

    BitTorrent has been aggressively popular with people who seek out illegal downloads. I therefore do not think that it is the future of downloads. There are still people who prefer to obtain their media, books, and movies in a legal matter that allows the proper channels to be paid for the product produced.

  • It is the past.

    No, BitTorrent is not the future of downloads, because it is on the way out. Many less people use BirTorrent today than used to. Now that people can stream just as quickly as they can download, there is no need to download something when you can just watch it for free on the provider's website. BitTorrent is not as popular as it used to be, because it is a tired format.

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