• Black Friday is

    Hilarious! We had it for the first time in the UK this Friday and yes people did get hurt - but isn't that all part of the fun? It puts a lot of money into the economy (10% of all sales in America happen in November and December) and gives everyone great deals - the best throughout the year. People who get hurt are in the minority; it just doesn't seem that way because of all the news coverage of it. Crack on Black Friday, I'll look forward to next year.

  • I enjoy doing it. If you don't, then don't participate.

    I enjoy doing it. If you don't, then don't participate.

    I rarely go out shopping, but if there is something I want and its priced very well on black friday, I really enjoy to go out, wait, and then go and buy it. I enjoy the anticipation and the joy I get from the rush of going in at that final moment and getting what I want at such a great price.

  • Black Friday is "worth it" (despite this question making absolutely no sense and being completely arbitrary on what "worth it" means)

    You get cheap goods - I don't understand what there is to dislike about Black Friday. You are all making a lot of arguments that are not intrinsic to Black Friday itself. Violence might happen on Black Friday, but that doesn't mean Black Friday itself is inherently violent - that is purely correlation. Furthermore, yes, Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you have, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be grateful for being able to get more things for a cheap price - see where I'm going here? Also, if you want to go into this whole "ethical" or the "true" meaning of Thanksgiving side of things, you'll lose - try winning that Thanksgiving's genealogy was NOT one of raping, pillaging, and murdering Native Americans.

  • For entertainment value alone, its worth it.

    Seriously, watching a bunch of debt enslaved morons fighting over towels or a $100 television set? Hilarious. The one where the 2 fat women were tasering each other in the mall I must have played 100 times.

    At the end of the day, its the store's prerogative to open on Black Friday or on Thanksgiving - commerce is legal and a holiday shouldn't prevent it. The violence and destruction are just another sign of the times, that the price of a human life is about as valuable as some cheap Walmart towels.

    If nothing else, the video clips and sensationalized news reports will encourage those with common sense and a sense of self preservation, to purchase goods from the Internet, where if you're savvy, you get better deals, tax free.

  • It's a good way to save money for gifts!

    People shouldn't be pushing people over and fighting for deals, but it's a good frugal way to be able to give people good gifts for Christmas. If you don't like it, don't participate. If you cannot control yourself, and put human lives beneath that 70% off, then you shouldn't participate either. Banning Black Friday will not solve the problem of selfish human beings.

  • Black Friday is Hilarious

    Black Friday is absolutely worth it. It's like a circus of insane dogs that the rest of us can watch and laugh hysterically at. The whole human race is like a pack of hedonistic monkeys swimming in a pile of its own excrement. For those of us who have no respect for such a group, watching such a show can be hilarious. I encourage you to grab some popcorn and watch the show. Enjoy!!

  • Time to calculate

    There are losers who like to sit in front of the store and camp there for a whole week, which is pretty pathetic. Then there are the foos who actually come there on time, see a bigass line and leave. Then there are those who will actually stay but are gonna have to bring a buttloads of money. So in terms of how much gas it takes from store to store, there's time cost and some may argue of what you gots to endure. I'd say that's a plus of standing for stupidity. So if you save at least $100 for every store that you go to, then it's probably worth it. If you have to beat up some dude for something, make sure it's at least one dope TV or a video game or whatever.

  • Yes it is worth it.

    Yes it is worth what if it's the only way for a family to by things for there children. Christmas is one the way soon what if that is the families way to purchase items. Many family's are becoming broke that could be there only way of money. That is my opinion.

  • It's Tradition

    Yes, Black Friday is worth it. Not only are there excellent deals to be had on Black Friday, but for many families the Black Friday sales have become a tradition. In years past, families have gone so far as to take tents and camp out in front of their chosen store hours before opening time. It’s the thrill of the hunt – the mad chase for the bargain and to be one of the few who can claim a prize before they are sold out.

  • Why should this happen?

    We Americans are saying we are greatful for everything we have, but then we wake up to get deals on things. If we are so greatful for everything we have then why are we doing this, why do we have this? This is why I'm confused with what this day is all about. Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

  • No Black Friday is not Worth It

    Black Friday is a concept that has grown too big to be sustainable. People line up a week in advance for material goods at a discount. This detracts from the holiday of Thanksgiving and a sense of gratitude for what we already have. Additionally, most stores have to mark things down so low to attract customers that they end up not clearing a lot of profit.

  • No black Friday is not worth it. Black Friday is the day people go out and fight to buy things they do not need to impress people they do not like.

    Black Friday is not worth it. The retail industry likes to hype the sales up but for the most part, there are only a limited umber of items available that people fight over like animals. Furthermore, much of the stuff on sale is low quality and will not last. This has been scene on several occasions especially with electronics. People go out spending money on things they cannot afford to impress people they do not like. People should stay home and cherish the time with family instead of dashing to stores to become human advertisements with all the latest clothes and gadgets.

  • Oh gosh no!

    I do not live in the U.S but I have seen those black Friday videos. So vicious, I under stand why their would ne a long line up in malls for such deals but THIS is just bloody ridiculous for crying out loud, this isn't just some long line up at an Apple store no, this is just takes the cake!

  • It's not work the risk of employees safety

    Every year Black Friday employees are getting hurt because of fights or being trampled and some have died (research it). Just this past Black Friday a Walmart employee had got a black eye by Black Friday shoppers because of their aggressiveness. Also people are stupid the deals are not that good because half of the electronics you buy are either refurbished or obsolete. These products are not covered by warranty and you get only 90 day free warranty and after that you out of luck if something goes wrong with that new computer of TV.

    I never shop on Black Friday its way too crazy. As I said I feel really sorry for the employees as they don't get paid enough for this Black Friday garbage.

  • This really a question?

    Many rave over the deals that are offered on Black Friday as if they are significant. The kicker is that many never stop and think about how such deals become available. Well let this be news for those who don't know.... The deals are so "good" on Black Friday because companies have been busy lining their pockets with your money for the other 364 days. Most companies are well into the profitable range of goods sold way before Black Friday and thus they can roll prices back some and not make as much money on said products as they would be at the previous price, but they make even more money by selling in such bulk. Not to mention there is no reason in the 21st century that people should have to fight in Neanderthal fashion over a crock pot that was just marked down 50%.

  • Not even remotely worth it

    What can you find for sale on Black Friday that you can't find on sale somewhere at other times of the year, when you don't have to fight all the traffic and hordes of crazed shoppers? Even if what you find isn't on sale, I'd gladly pay the extra cost just to avoid all the madness of Black Friday.

  • Not Worth It

    Its called black Friday because store make good profits their financial are in black or positive. Most deals are on very limited stock or cheap products actually items that people are after are either not on sale or very marginally lowered or the store only have a few pieces of it. Stores want people to come in, if you get a customer on your store with cash on hand that's as good as a sale. With a hundred people lined for 10 products, only 10 people will buy it and the store will make a loss on 10 products. But what about the other 90, even if only 40 of them decide to buy the alternate version or the another cheaper branded but similar product the store can and most of the time increase the price and sell it. So for advertising for a particular product the store made a small loss but made another 40 sales with a huge turnover. So at the end yes you can get a deal but you probably won't. Its black Friday not red Friday for stores. Online is completely different, you can actually get better deals online than stores.

    MBA in Finance
    Experienced of owning a retail business

  • Consumerism gone mad

    I'm British but looking at this event, it just looks like consumerism gone mad with people physically fighting each other for the best deals. This is extremely stupid and who's idea was it to place insane deals on the day after thanksgiving anyway. Are people really that desperate for products the day after Thanksgiving, because this seems like a ridiculous shopping event that shouldn't be allowed anywhere.

  • No Way is it Worth it

    People die because of Black Friday. People just loose their mind when it comes to black Friday. I never go out shopping on that date because it's madness. I want to live and besides, if I want to buy something, I'll just use the internet. I can find what I want and I save money too.

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