• By Every Possible Definition

    The way I see it, a far more appropriate name for "Black Lives Matter" would be "All Non Black Lives Can Suck It". They are the closest modern equivalent to the Black Panthers in our society.

    They are responsible for the deaths of police officers and the destruction of property simply because they hate white people. How is that not the very definition of a hate group.


  • Of course they are

    They actively segregate their rallies by race, at one school, they were the ones that made the racist threats they were complaining about, they actively try to ruin the careers of people who don't capitulate to their every demand, and they employ more identity politics than any group I've seen in my life. Seriously, they cannot get over the belief that white people as a whole are bad (and they also say that minorities cannot be racist, even to the point of silencing an Asian immigrant who tried to speak at one of their rallies)

    Posted by: Adze
  • Without a doubt

    As Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson—a black pastor and political talk show host—said, "Black Lives Matter is [without a doubt] a hate group." Now, let's be honest with ourselves. If a white group was encouraging violence against the police, wouldn't they be considered a hate group? I definitely think they would be. Now, let's ask ourselves this: why isn't Black Lives Matter being labeled a hate group? Does being part of a racial minority excuse them for their actions and violent words against the police? Yeah, I didn't think so. It's about time BLM is labeled a hate group and put to an end along with the other extremist groups, whether they be white, black or of any other race.

  • Just look at a member of theirs.

    Really though. They seriously think white people should be puished just for being white. They are asking for free money just for their skin color. They are saying that all white people are racist and that black people can't be. They are condemning police for killing black people who didn't put down their guns when asked to, and protecting the criminals.

  • Actions support yes

    Someone can not say that the movement known as black lives matter is not a hate group because they have not endorsed the use of violence. That statement is untrue and should be corrected, so I will do that now. Black Lives Matter has been seen taking their handguns, waving them around in a primal fashion, saying "F... The police" and things of that source. Though the "movement" is not openly saying "hey go and shoot the police" that is what they are making it out to be. Time and time again they claim to be the victims of hate crimes, though I am not denying they exsist, I am just saying that not every time a black youth gets arrested it's a white mans fault. Though the "movement" will tell you that they have only ever been wronged and that the majority of people have never done them any good. BLM can not be considered a movement, it should be considered as a domestic terror group.

  • They are a hate group

    Black Lives Matter is almost a complete hate group. They literally get mad for no reason at all. A lot of the times when these african americans are being shot, it's because they provoked the police and they never listened to the policemen's orders. But of course they have no common sense and say policemen hate african americans when overall most officers clearly don't hate african americans because according to stats policemen shoot more white people then african americans!! Yet Black Lives Matter still hates the police even though they have no common sense. Black Lives Matter is also racist towards police officers, black people who don't agree with them, and people of all races who don't agree with them. They will literally beat you up or swear at you like crazy if you don't agree with them. They also say they want to get rid of police which that would be a horrible idea because there would be nobody to control violent city's and neighborhoods. In conclusion, I am not saying all of black lives matter people are crazy but i am saying most of them are hateful crazy hypocrites.

  • Positively ABSOLUTELY Yes

    Not is Black Lives Matter a hate group, but they are also homophobic. They interrupted a funeral service for the Pusle nightclub shootings and a Pride parade at Toronto as well. I do like black people and I have black friends, but I believe that Black Lives Matter is so dangerous it's not even funny. And get this, the White House REFUSES to classify them as a hate group. I was like "You have got to be kidding me!" There are also people who are African Ameican who hate Black Lives Matter because of their actions. And I, for one, don't blame them.


  • Their ideology is based on the doctrine of the first woman ever to be put on the FBIs most wanted list.

    They openly support Assata Shakur...Going as far as quoting her at their rallies. She left the black panthers because they weren't violent enough, and started the black liberation army...A group that committed a string of bank robberies, and killed cops execution style. Not to mention that their "peaceful protests" are known for property damage, fights, thefts, and shootings. They advocate the killing of people based on race and chosen profession...In order to affect political change. That, by definition, makes them terrorists.

  • They advocate violence against whites and police

    When a political movement is begun through sympathy for violent criminals, I am skeptical. Now I know that they are a hate group due to cheering when police officers and whites are killed. The blacks(not all of them) love to act like victims of police brutality even though the primary cause of homicide among them is from themselves. Only 4% of black homicide is commited by an officer, and usually is justifiable. I don't care what people say but a group that advocates violence against whites and police officers is a hate group and sure plays the part better than half of the movements the ADL and SPLC call hate groups. They also are very selective about not wanting whites in their movement which, alone, if the tables were turned, get a white lives matter group which didn't want blacks in their movement branded a hate group.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • All actions point to yes

    Will change my tune when I stop seeing nothing but violence and contradictory BS associated with the group. If I could sum BLM up...It's kind of like a bully that has you pinned down and beating your *** relentlessly while shouting "stop hitting me" at you. Or the never ending need to protest everything irrelevant... Let's protest this person! WTF...How to you protest an individual??? Let's protest and disrupt this café with mostly 'white' patrons. WTF...How does help or do anything except anger what would otherwise be innocent people eating??? How about actually using protests at the appropriate government or city places where change can actually happen??? It just doesn't make any sense. Are they thinking by harassing primarily 'white' venue they'll get attention to their cause??? Dumb***es...You're just making more enemies and self-fulfilling your own BS racism perceptions. Except of having folks possibly being racist just on ignorance, now you're quite possibly creating rationalized racism.

  • Of course not

    Black Lives Matter are not a hate group. For one, they aren't encouraging violence against the police or anything like that. They only support peaceful protest. The group was created because the police were being unnecessarily violent against African Americans, so they have a justified cause: All they want is for people to care about the lives of African Americans as much as any other race.

  • No it isn't

    They are trying to get black people more rights because our idiot liberal congress likes to bla bla bla about racism all day long;
    "Oh that's racist!" "Dark chocolate, that's racist!"
    "Ooh, he said thug! That's racist because a 'thug' means a black person!"
    And really, they do think that a "thug" means a black person, so in reality, the LIBERALS are racist because they are saying that black people are thugs because a thug means a black person!

  • You clearly do not understand the purpose of the movement

    "Black Lives Matter" is a movement which is supposed to raise awareness for the black people who are brutally murdered by the police. The purpose is not to say that all other lives do not matter, it's supposed to get people to understand that this particular minority is far more troubled by the police and that we need to raise awareness of the racism in the country. Please do research on this before blindly accusing a group for hate.

  • Not in any way.

    I never get tired of hearing this one.
    In order to be a hate group, the group must espouse hate or disdain for a group of people based on there race, religion, national origin, or ethnicity. As BLM does not hate anyone period, it is not a hate group.
    And I already know the response will be "They only care about black live, if they didn't hate anyone they would be all lives matter". This is a red hearing. It is simply a distraction from what the message of the group is, and that message is that our society does not value the lives of black people and black lives don't matter to our society.

  • Clearly you don't know the meaning behind the movement...

    How in the world is Black Lives Matter Movement a hate group? First of all the Black Lives Matter Movement came about because of the obvious cases of police brutality and unarmed minority killings done by the police with little to no punishment. They also protest matters concerning people of color regarding racial profiling, and other situations fueled by systemic. By saying hey stop killing us, how is that a bad thing? Like why would society as a whole disagree with that regardless of what color a person is, just as a human being. Black Lives Matter does not promote hate or violence. Obviously those who have a problem with the movement either are racist, or anti black. Anything even for a little bit that brings attention of black people and their struggle or hardship or just black people speaking on something period society has a problem with. How long will they or have to be silent? When can they ever speak up for themselves or bring awareness? You say people have the right to freedom of speech, but once we practice our amendment right now we are called a hate group be the truth that we speak of makes you uncomfortable?

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Dilara says2016-02-01T02:49:07.040
Its a stupid group but its not a hate group.