• Lack of foundation

    As far as I perceive the premise of BLM is "white man bad", Aka hate whites.

    A proper movement would share emotional, Personal stories highlighting flawed policies; data backing up their cry of injustice; a proposed solution; and instructions on how to contact the appropriate government representatives to implement the proposed solution.

    BLM only offers emotional, Personal stories; and riots. I haven't heard that they offer anything else. No data, No facts, No policy highlights, No solutions. Their best attempt to a proposition is to defund the police. That is a non starter and only stirs the chaos.

    White man bad is nothing but an unjust message of hate and division. The riots are unjust storms of violence and crime that hurts the whole community, Of all races. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. "

    white man bad.

  • A terrorist organisation which needs to be stopped.

    Let me explain.

    The definition of terrorism is as follows.

    "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, Especially against civilians, In the pursuit of political aims"

    There are five different types of terrorism.

    State-Sponsored terrorism
    Dissent terrorism
    Political Terrorism
    Religious terrorism
    Criminal Terrorism

    Let's tick every item of the box.
    Does BLM "unlawful use of violence and intimidation". Yes.
    Does BLM do this with "a political aim"? Yes.
    Are civilians disadvantaged from the movement? Yes.
    After raising billions of dollars, Has BLM done anything to solve the so called problem? No. Because, Credit where due, It is difficult to solve a problem which doesn't exist.

    Take a moment to think about the lefties twist the media. Remember Breonna Taylor? According to the left, She was asleep. Wrong. According to the left, The boyfriend did not fire. Wrong. According to the left, The police did not knock. Wrong. According to the left, The police were legally obligated to knock. Wrong. According to the left, The officers went to the wrong house. Wrong.

    Ask yourselves, If there really was racism, Then what is the need to twist the story? If there was racism, Surely you could just publish the story as is without any modifying.

    I do not wish to delve into any more detail here. If you want to here me full argument, Please challenge me to a debate. The following are the conditions to the debate.

    The title of the debate is “BLM is a terrorist organisation and is unnecessary”. I will take the pro position.
    The character limit is 10 000 characters.
    Both parties are allowed 2 days to reply.

    If not, Then feel free to read my past debates where I discuss this issue in much more depth.

  • Even worse than KKK

    Look, They came to towns, Full of black people, And destroyed them. How is that pro-black? They showed their support for legalising murder(abortion) and clearly have been extremely racist, Peaceful or not. They blame whites for all their troubles and want us to pay for what others did. They also humiliate great heroes like Churchill and others. They are pro-left, Devoid of emotion and powerfully against Christianity. They have caused more damage than racists did in the past 40 years and want to defund the police to allow anarchy. They claim people like Kyle Rittenhouse and the cops that shot Brianna Taylor should be jailed for self-defense. And all of it in the name of what? Black equality? That is something they already have

  • Please let me explain

    I have absolutely nothing against Black People. I want them to be treated like humans, I want them to have rights, I want them to stand up against what is wrong. What I do not like however is the pathway they go to fight for these things. 7% of them are causing unnecessary violence and they are making the other 93% of peaceful protesters look like villains. So I believe they are fighting for the right things but are doing it by going down a violent pathway I cannot follow. It don't matter what side you choose because you'll only find yourself one step closer to the dark side of the force.

  • Sure it is. . . For people who are scared of equality.

    BLM is about people of all race, Gender, Sexual orientation, And background coming together to protest the way black citizens are treated in the US today. If you call it a hate group, You just fear you will no longer be privileged in this society. Sorry, Pal. Change is coming and you need to accept it.

  • BLM means human rights

    Black lives matter is not a hate group. They do not offer a separatist agenda or a doctrine of superiority. BLM does not attempt to overthrow governments or threaten government officials. Unlike other groups (e. G. , The Proud Boys or The Boogaloo Bois) that embrace all of the previously mentioned attributes, BLM simply asks mainstream American culture to understand the systemic racism that exists in our society. Once we as a society have reckoned with the historical racism that was built in our founding and continues through today and addresses these wrongs, We will be better for it. Simply put, BLM is a human rights organization and not a hate group.

  • Shouldnt be classified as a "Hate group"

    Even though I must agree that the #BLM movement has gone way out of context, The black lives matter movement have supporters from all races, Including whites and most of the comments I see here are mainly calling it a hate movement against whites, But I'm confused. How can you hate something that agrees with you? It's a simple equation. North Korea can't fight with America if they have some sort of bond/alliance or something. Black lives matters have a covenant with white protestors aswell, So you can not say it is a hate group, Cause I am pretty sure that if it were a hate group. No white would be protesting with them

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