• Whiter is tighter

    White women are naturally smaller than their black counterparts in the same way the white men are to black men. Therefore, Their vaginas are not only smaller but tighter.

    Personally, I prefer a nice tight vagina to a larger one because I find the former much more stimulating, But that's just one man's opinion.

  • Yes but no one wants to frick a big vagina

    Smaller vaginas feel better this is basic shit people also white women are much sexier than nigger girls like c'mon man take one look at that dirty f***ing nigress and tell me, Does she look more monkey or human? Yeah that's what I f***ing thought. Also her skin is poo color

  • Obviously, Black women are more tough than white women

    Well basically because black women are more tough than white women and also black women are dark skinned so yep 👍 black women’s vagina are more bigger than white women’s vagina oh and there's one more thing black women’s hit is more powerful than white women’s hit so yeah bye! ✌️

  • Everybody's different, Okay?

    Men and women of different ethnicities and skin color have different sized genitals. I know an African American who stated on Facebook that hers is small. So, Don't spread stereotypes. This is a ridiculous trend to perpetuate. And unneeded. So, Grow up. Please. Stop with the racism, It's awful. Okay?

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