• Yes blank paper is better then lined paper.

    Blank paper is better then lined paper as it offers a world of ideas and unlimited creatively, as lined paper only allows you to fallow what is set in front of you to a standard. By allowing you complete creative freedom, blank paper is an open book ready to be filled by the ideas and passions of those who are using it, while lined paper is a prison in which rules and regulations must be fallowed.

  • A blank canvas is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

    For all of the artists out there, a blank canvas is a masterpiece waiting to happen. There are no obstacles in the way of greatness. There are no lines obstructing the pureness of nothing. And true inspiration is derived from nothing. Thus blank paper is the spark to lead to inspiration.

  • Lined paper is the best for writing essays

    When you want to write and essay you would never right in on blank paper. Blank paper is not neat at all and is not as smooth as lined paper because it is made thicker than lined paper. That is also why it is better for drawing. And lined paper is just the bomb

  • Depends On The Utility One Wants It For

    For drawings, paintings and such yes blank paper is preferable, because it is meant for art and offers a fresh start to anything. However in the case of writing a rough draft for an essay or some notes, lined paper is most suitable because it helps one jot down things rapidly without worrying that they're all over the place making it unintelligible to read.

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