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  • Separation of Church and State

    I do not believe that blasphemy should be punishable by execution or otherwise. While one making sacrilegious comments can make one uncomfortable or angry, one could argue that they are using their freedom of speech. We are also in a country where religious freedoms are practiced, and that the government should not be involved with the church. One religious group's idea of blasphemy can differ from another. For this reason I do not believe that it is punishable.

  • Blasphemy is Old school

    Blasphemy is a religious idea and should not be punishable by man,especially by death. If one speaks against God, that is free will which was given by God. If a man is put to death, how will he ever be saved from himself. Only God can punish man for transgressions against HIm. As God loving people, we should help the blasphemer by helping to turn him back to his Creator.

  • Blasphemy is not a crime

    Blasphemy should not be a punishable offense as it should not be a crime. It is totally out of the realm of modern humanity that a person should be executed for merely uttering words that may be offensive to another person because of their religious beliefs. Government is supposed to act without thought to religion.

  • Blasphemy Does Not Warrant Death

    Public blasphemy is a profane act, and is understandably offensive to people who are believers. Demanding a public apology would make sense, as would requiring an act of atonement such as community service. The punishment should fit the crime. Speaking or writing blasphemy is not the same as homicide, and should not be punishable by death.

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