Is bleeding gums a good or bad thing when you brush or floss?

  • It is a good thing, Bleeding gums are a good indication that you need to keep brushing.

    When you see that you are spiting blood your body is telling you to keep on brushing and flossing daily in order to keep all your teeth long as possible, A 3 month check up is recommended to make sure your on point with your dental bath, Seek out a doctor if you have bleeding teeth. It might be bad if the cause of the bleeding is swollen gums now that's a different cause that needs attention ASAP. Ask questions do your studying and find out why does gums bleed a good topic we all can discuss please comment on this daily matter, Is bleeding gums a good or bad thing.

  • No, It's not healthy

    Brushing your teeth should not be painful or draw blood. If you find your gums are bleeding after you floss or brush - it should be a sign that you need to change your tooth brush or the brand of dental floss you're using. Dentists recommend that everyone uses a soft toothbrush. Irritating your gums in any way is objectively bad.

    Posted by: Beks

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