• Yes. They still are.

    They used to be really popular. I know because I was a fan. Now, they aren't very popular. Until they released their new album California. That was huge. They became #1 on the top bands billboard and they were #1 for at least a month. They still are on the top 50. Also, if you didn't hear, they were nominated for the best rock album of 2k16. They start in a couple of days, and I will be watching!

  • Yes, Blink 182 is still a popular band.

    Blink 182 has faded a bit from the hot rotations on the radio stations, but their new release, California, should change that. They do change the pop punk model they'd been following, coming out with a little sweeter tone, but once their new songs hit the air waves, the sound is solid and should push them back up the charts.

  • Blink 182 still have an audience

    Although it may appear that the heyday for Blink 182 is in the past the continued plays that their songs receive both on the radio and in clubs across the country show that they still have a following. When you factor in plays from online sources as well I believe it is fair to say that they are still popular.

  • Blink 182 is not popular

    Blink 182 is no longer popular, and like many all-time acts of the past they are clinging on to better days gone by. I don't blame them one bit for wanting to continue to capitalize on their popularity. But, there is no question that their best days are behind them.

  • No, Blink-182 is not still popular.

    No, Blink-182 is not still popular because most people believe they have broken up. If they're still together, the sheer confusion about their status as a band is an indication that no one cares enough to find out if they are still a band. Even if they were still a band, their 2 (maybe 3) famous/popular songs are a part of a musical moment that has long since passed and they do not possess any transcendental qualities to keep them relevant or entertaining in today's musical landscape.

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