Is BLM responsible for killing the Dallas Cop whose father is suing the organizaion?

  • Yes, it is.

    I hope he wins, and I hope all other officers family follow his lead. Then i hope all stores looted & torched take BLM to court for damages and loss of business in the pickup time. Also, cities go after damages of police cruisers. Then all the people assaulted sue for hospital bills.
    When they can't pay because they are lazy lowlife violent criminal boons i hope they throw every last one of them in prison & set off a massive can of raid.

  • Nope nope nope

    The person who shot the cop was not the BLM movement as a whole, he was simply either a follower or a extremest. The BLM movement was involved in that whole Dallas situation, but the people who shot the cops do not represent the BLM movement as a whole. :)

  • No, Black Lives Matter is not responsible for killing the Dallas Cop.

    The Black Lives Matter is a movement that has stirred the emotions of many people of many different races. When emotions get involved, people end up doing things that they normally wouldn't do. During the BLM Dallas protest, emotions were high because of a recent killing and emotions got out of hand. I do not think that BLM is responsible for the death of the Dallas Cop.

  • No, BLM is not responsible

    Black Lives Matter is against unjust violence against black people. It is not against the police department. BLM tries to bring attention to corrupt and ill-trained police. If a lone person and kills a police officer in the name of BLM it is not BLM's responsibility just like a religion is not responsible for the violence done in its name. (i.e. KKK violence is done in the name of Christianity)

  • No, a mentally ill person is responsible.

    The person who shot the officers in Dallas was in no way affiliated with Black Lives Matter. He was a mentally ill lone wolf who had his own beef with the police. It was a horrible thing to happen, and I feel terrible for that victim's father and the rest of his family, but their anger is misdirected.

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