• Yes, blogging can be a meaningful use of time.

    It could be argued that blogging is a waste of a person's time. But it doesn't necessarily have to be. In many ways, it can be similar to keeping a journal, so it can help someone sort his or her thoughts and get his or her feelings out. Additionally, it can be a way to share a hobby and find more people who share similar interests. So, if it's used as a pastime and to sort thoughts, it can be a reasonable use of one's time, quite similar to the old-fashioned act of journaling.

  • Blogging Provides a Modern Day Soapbox Forum for People to Express Their Opinions and Views

    In pre-technology based societies, cities often features forums where citizens could go freely express their opinions and ideas. In contemporary society, technology heavily influences our ideas as well as how we spend our time. Blogging has become the modern form of the soapbox forum. It is free space where citizens can express their views about whatever topic they wish to the degree they wish. In the future, reviewing blogs will provide intriguing anthropological and sociological insight into present day society, which ultimately makes blogging a meaningful use of people's time.

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