Is blue a better color to represent males than pink was?

Asked by: blackkid
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  • No it is sexist

    Saying that blue is better for boys is very sexist. Me being a girl and all people tell me I should wear the color blue cause its a guy color that I should wear pink that I should hunt cause guys and girls should say home this world is resolved around guys and us girls have to fight to get a say. The color pink is just as much a boy color as it is a girls

  • NO, that's sexist!

    Saying that blue is a boy color is sexist! Saying that pink and purple are girls colors is also sexist. There are NO boys colors or girls colors! Colors are just COLORS! If a boy wants to wear pink or purple, LET HIM! It's his body, not yours! If a girl wants to wear blue, LET HER! It's her body, not yours! Let people wear whatever they want, REGARDLESS of their gender!

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