Is BMW going in the right direction by implementing FWD into their cars?

  • It will open up a whole new market for BMW

    There is a reason why Mercedes-Benz and Audi both have small FWD cars in their lineups (the CLA and A3 respectively.) This is because they are opening up to young, middle class market, and gaining more revenue from doing so. The CLA has been an enormous hit in America. BMW purist may argue that it goes against all BMW traits, but money is money, and that money will be used by BMW to make some great cars in the future.

  • You can not drift

    Rear wheeled cars get better grip and become the most common race car. They are more entertaining than front wheel cars you cant do a back flip in a front wheel drive monster truck. Can you can you I don't care about Mercedes-Benz and Audi all I care about is bmw.

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