Is Bob Barker better than Happy Gilmore at golf?

Asked by: janetsanders733
  • Yes, because Bob Barker is better at everything.

    Yes, Bob Barker is better than Happy Gilmore at golf, because Bob Barker has magical powers. Barker was justified in beating up Gilmore in Adam Sandler's movie, because Gilmore was not a good golfer, and Barker would have won the tournament if Gilmore hadn't ruined it for him. Barker also reminds us to spay and neuter our pets, which clearly makes him better at golf.

  • Bob Barker is better than Happy Gilmore at golf.

    These two players have two completely different styles and approaches within the game of golf. Happy Gilmore's foundation was adopted from ice hockey. He utilized his power, and with that gained stardom from a very narrow arsenal of skills. Bob Barker played the game from a more traditional sense, and that is where his skill excelled. Traditionally; Bob was better.

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