• Strong support for Beckel

    The network feels that bringing Beckel back is the best thing for ratings which can be interpreted to mean his fans have been demanding that he come back. Is the return controversial and sure to bring in high ratings, at least in the beginning? Absolutely, but of course Fox News is quite aware of this fact.

  • Yes, his return would help both Fox News and himself

    Yes, with Bob Beckel's return to The Five on Fox news both parties will benefit, the news channel will get back part of the audience and promoters that left when Mr. Beckel exited the program, and Mr. Beckel will benefit because he will be on the air again, with his political comments in a new era for the United States.

  • Yes, unless he's returned exclusively to Trump bash.

    If 'The Five on Fox' needed a rabble-rouser to balance their reporting on politics, then Beckel is the right guy. If it's done simply to pick on President-elect Donald Trump under the guise of political conservatism or even personal animus, then he should have stayed where he was. There's nothing wrong with hard-nosed news analysis and everything wrong with pitching bitch fits about someone you don't like.

  • No. Too aggressive for my comfort zone.

    I find watching the news in general so depressing right now that all the loud and aggressive attitudes makes me want to not listen at all. My husband is addicted to Fox News so guess I will need to find a neutral zone to retreat to when it is on (which is often). Just too much hate out there and I think this country is divided right now to a point I have not experienced since 60s and early 70s. I don't see it going away anytime soon. I see Bob bringing a higher level of discourse to The Five than Juan brought to the table.

  • No, the country doesn't need another voice of dissidence.

    In this new and upcoming Trump era, trashing not only the president-elect but the people of America themselves, seems to be the popular thing to do. The outright disrespect for the office and oftentimes violent disdain and narrow-mindedness between citizens has been appalling. Anti-Trump citizens have shown their true colors as much as they believe their counterparts have. The last thing America needs is another loud voice of irreverence, division and Trump hate to fuel the fire. And after Beckel's less than amicable split from the network less than two years ago, I can't imagine he's been brought back on--at this particular point in time--for any other reason.

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