• Yeeeessss Whooo! I love Bob Marley

    Bob Marley is the best reggae artist he is the king of reggae,no one else but him, he made the reggae very popular and famous nowadays even hes dead , he is still remmembered as the King of Reggae, thats what bob marley is, Go Reggae!!!! I love Reggae yeeeaaahhhhh reggae

  • Yes, he started it.

    Yes, Bob Marley is the king of reggae, because no other reggae artist has even come close to what he has done. Quite simply, Bob Marley was the pioneer of his genre of music. His music is popular, it is enduring, and it is emulated, but not duplicated. He has done what no one else has been able to do.

  • Childhood Relaxation Music

    As a child my dad always played Bob Marley music. The music was mesmerizing to me it soothed my ears like no other music, even Ziggy's music didn't come close to him for my. This is only and opinion though and it may be slightly biased due to the fact he was my first real mucision I really enjoyed.

  • Bob Marley RULES!

    Who do people think of the moment someone says Reggae? Bob Marley. I think he is the greatest of them all. The people of the Grammys did a tribute for him. If that doesn't say king I don't no what does! Go Bob! You rule and we still listen to your music... or at least I do.

  • Yes

    When one says reggae, one thinks of Bob Marley. For that he is for sure the king of reggae. Bob Marley was responsible for bringing reggae to the masses and to the world who might have never heard a reggae song before. Bob Marley name is forever tied to reggae and for that reason alone that is why he is the king.

  • He Is The King

    Bob Marley is unquestionable the king of reggae. No reggae artist is as big as he is, before or after his death. Also, he has classics for days, which is something most reggae artist cannot say. When someone says reggae the first name that pops in most people's heads is Bob Marley.

  • Absolutely.

    Bob Marley is synonymous with reggae and vice-versa. Marley had a long, illustrious career with one of his albums going ten times platinum, even three years after his death. He definitely helped spread Jamaican music and brought a lot of awareness to the Rastafarian music. He still continues to be a music icon with 13 albums to his name.

  • Is he really? Arguably yes, but...

    I think Dennis Brown must be mentioned. He's not as internationally known as Marley, but in Jamaica, in my opinion, is equal if not the true King of Reggae. Even Marley said himself, that Brown was the best reggae artist in the world. The album 'Love and Hate: The Best of Dennis Brown' should be a starting point for those interested in experiencing Reggae when it was being pioneered by the likes of Bob Marley, Desmond Dekker, ...

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