Is Boehner delaying a fiscal cliff deal to influence his reelection for Speaker of the House?

  • Yes, Boehner is delaying the fiscal cliff deal specifically for election purposes.

    Boehner is clearly putting his own interests ahead of that of the American people. Boehner is a representative of the Republican party and nothing more. He is the voice behind the money that feeds the conservative engine. That is why they've been making progress in private, unrecorded meetings, while he takes the national republican ideology stance in public.

  • No, Boehner is not delaying a fiscal cliff deal for his reelection

    John Boehner is an obviously very conservative politician, as is his counterpart Barack Obama. Each is steadfast in their resolve of their position of the fiscal cliff issue. Boehner is holding fast to the point that he will not give on tax hikes until the Obama administration shows a seriousness toward cost cutting. We are rung up too high a deficit, and the smoke and mirrors that cost cutting is only a reduction in the spending increases will not cut it in our economy.

  • No, Boehner is not delaying a fiscal cliff deal to influence his re election for Speaker of the House, he just doesn’t know better.

    Boehner would probably like to keep his job as Speaker of the House, however this is not his main motivation for stalling on a fiscal cliff deal. He actually means well and must have problems sleeping at night. Unfortunately every time he tries to do something in the best interest of the country and his constituents, the Republican party makes him reverse his decision. Congressman Boehner is just a puppet and he allows this to happen because he does not have strong leadership skills.

  • He is just playing politics

    Boehner has done a terrible job and is a reason the Republicans lost so badly this past election.

    He only has his job from the gerrymandering that was allowed to happen, otherwise the Republicans in the house would have been kicked out of office too.

    They need new leadership in that party not someone that cries over everything and does nothing to help the American people.

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