• Its amazing, perfect

    I just love this game. Its really fun, i would take blowing off a physcos head to quickscopeing any day. Its funny, with lots of crude humor. You can play online and wreak HAVOC on the world around you, and don't get me started in guns. There are so many guns in this game, its like being a kid in a candy store! I would take this over any-game, any-day

  • As of my opinion it is a perfect example of game-play over graphics.

    It has an enthralling story-line, great skill trees, and combat makes you want to get better or play with friends. Excellent Game play, Good Controls, Excellent Story line, and versatile characters.

    I give this game 5 stars.
    But what do YOU think, only answer if you've played the game for yourself, don't be the one who says no because they suck at the game either.

  • No, i don't think so

    I got told by about 7 or 8 different friends that this game was amazing and i should definitely get it straight away, so i did and it was around £40 and the next week i ended up going and selling it for £10 because it was boring, Halo and saints row all the way!

    Posted by: kh24
  • My level 45 Gunzerker vs level 38 enemy is like two battleships fighting each other.

    Read that again. I'm level 45. Enemy is 38. 1 on 1 is brutish. Lets add 5 more enemies. Intresting if you enjoy that king of grinding agony. I'm still going to try and complete this, but only because a friend likes coop with me. Solo? Forget about it. Don't buy Borderlands 2. Get the original. Tons better game.

  • NO,its bullshit its too boring same enemies over and over guns are so many but not very different

    Its boring same enemies no interesting missions average story its co op sucks what should i say saints row and CS go all the way and by the way about the skill tree its good but the game need more missions and more interesting story and more realistic anime. Its not good

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