• Yes, both of them are real

    Doesn't it make sense, in order to have good there must also be evil? Otherwise how could we define good, if not as the opposite of evil? Or evil, if not the absence of good?
    God is real. I think most people can agree with me, and those who do not have not thought it through thoroughly. The Devil, though, is a much touchier subject. People don't like to believe he is real because it would be like admitting that there is a supernatural realm, inhabited by angels and demons, and to admit the Devil is real could also mean admitting God is real, and many people don't like to think so because it would mean things they aren't ready to accept.
    Enough with the philosophy. I know both God and the Devil are real. I've seen people experience God's love, people praying in tongues, people healing others. People who have died and met God and come back. I've heard people saying things like, "Speaking in tongues is of the Devil." Those people called themselves Christians, while blaspheming God by calling his gifts diabolical.
    But I know God is real. For someone like me, who has grown up having nothing held back from me (in terms of knowledge of God and the Devil), having even experienced the spiritual realm, I cannot deny God with any conviction.
    The Devil, on the other hand, is also as real to me as the air I breathe. Demons, I've seen, though I cannot say whether any of them were really the Devil, as in Satan. Thing is, for many people, admitting that the Devil is real is equivalent to admitting that Hell is real, and that is a frightening prospect for non-Christians and even some self-proclaimed Christians.
    I know I haven't really proved their existence, but I also know, I just know (knowings are so often discarded as unreliable these days) they are real. Whether you believe me that I've encountered, experienced, and even seen some of them or not, I know the truth.
    I also know why a lot of people don't believe in God or the Devil, and I am not judging you. But if you really think about what goes on in the world today, you can at least admit the existence of the supernatural realm

  • Devil is real and so is god [devils real name is lucifer]

    Lucifer was gods best friend and right-hand man but then gods woman fell for lucifers looks and abilaties nore than gods so god banished him to earth but lucifer was powerful enough to create his own realm where people were banished if they did bad lucifer changed his name to the devil and his skin and pureness withered away and thats how he became the hot-head red god we all know

  • Yes, God is real and unfortunately devil is real too.

    Guys I will explain something and I hope you know your science. Even the simplest single-celled life is stupendously complex. A humble bacterium is full of incredibly sophisticated nano-machines that it needs to live.3 A cell needs a minimum of over 400 different proteins to make the machines that are absolutely essential for life.4 How could these protein-based machines make themselves, even if all the right ingredients (20 different amino acids, but many of each) could make themselves? The amino acids, often thousands of them, have to be joined together in the correct order for each protein to function.

    Just think about one essential machine that copies the DNA instructions for making each protein.5 Then let’s take just one protein component of that machine, less than 10% of the total. This protein is 329 amino acids in length. What would be the chance of getting this one protein by chance, assuming that the correct, and only the correct, amino acid ingredients were present? Calculate it this way: 1/20 x 1/20 x 1/20 … 329 times!6 This is a probability of 1 in 10428 … a number with 428 zeros after the 1! Are you still following me here ? Even if every atom in the universe (1080—a number with 80 zeros) represented an experiment for every molecular vibration possible (1012 per second) for the supposed evolutionary age of the universe (14 billion years=1018 seconds), this would allow ‘only’ 10110 experiments—a long, long way short of the number needed to have a ghost of a chance of getting just this one protein to form,7 let alone the over 400 others needed.

    Richard Dawkins, a evolutionary bioligist, admits that scientists might never work out how life could arise by natural processes.
    In order for life to be created the things I explained above is needed and in order for those things to be there, there has to be a creator which is god.

  • Nothing after death?

    If there is nothing after death, what hope do you have, Knowing that you will eventually disappear into the void when you die? But if you believe in god you will be saved. So which is worse? Burning in hell or disappearing into nothingness. The devil is also real, for who do you propose controls demon possessions around the world? If you don't believe me, research it yourself. Many people ask: if God created the universe, then who created God. This question, however, can be reversed like this: If the universe created you, then who created the universe?

  • Yes there both real

    Of course there both real read the bible people I mean maybe not the devil but if you did agree with me maybe you should go to church more often but I'm sure God will forgive you that's why gods real. And maybe the devil don't worry you won't go down to the devil

  • Purpose of Lucifer on this planet in terms of energy, evolution and existence.

    Everything in this universe is energy. If we compare God and Lucifer to energy fields, we can see them as two basic emotions of our species. God being LOVE and Lucifer being FEAR. Love is the positive vibration that is creative and fear is on the lower side and destructive. Both are would not exist without each other since they are polarities.

    If we take the Biblical theory that God is pure love, we might ask ourselves why would he send Lucifer to our planet to cause suffering and disorder. In the times of global transition and awakening that is happening right now, we can understand that purpose for all the suffering is to change people's consciousness. If we would not suffer, we would never change. If we would not feel negative emotions on ourselves, we would not learn the lesson and would continue to put it onto others. Love is what everybody wants and to survive, people will have to change. We are entering the new era of awakening and realizing that we are not just physical beings with mental gifts, but spiritual beings with physical form.

    I believe that God knows why things are the way they are and were, and that this is just a necessary process for the highest good of everyone and everything. Everyone can choose love.

  • Both are real

    Yes! If you die right now, you will got to god. See all the bad things and the good things you had did. God will sent you to hell or heaven. I believe. If someone did not believe thats bad because when you go to hell it will be game over for u

  • Both are real

    They are both real. For those who are non-believers/atiest you are wrong. You dont really know what happens after you die but its there in the bible. You will either go to heaven or hell and most of the people in existence go to hell because of the willful sin they commit.

  • There is Simply No Evidence

    I was raised a Baptist, and slowly converted to atheism during my teenage years. It's not that I hate religion or its believers, I simply see no reason to believe in archaic assumptions of the world around us, when we have scientific evidence that gives us far more reliable and complex explanations. I don't believe in God and the Devil. I don't believe that their are beings who tell us what good and evil are. I think that our environment and evolution gives us our morals, and there's evidence to support this.

  • As a christian myself, to say either is certainly real is just stupid. The devil is probably not in fact.

    I choose to believe that the bible is factual in some regards, but really, some of it I view as metaphorical. Why would Jesus randomly walk on water if not just to show off? I view these things as metaphors, or else my scientific mind set would probably win the internal war and I'd join the atheists. So I view much of the bible in a metaphorical sense, and the devil is just another metaphor- an icon if you will of the evil we wrought on ourselves.

    To be honest, I'm not 100% about God either. From a psychological stand point, religion was invented by humans so they could feel like they were part of something bigger. So God could represent the early Christians icon of perfect unity- the trinity is after all the perfect bond of three individuals. He also formed a perfect being to surround, and bring unity to the group as well.

  • There's never been any logical reason to believe in either one.

    They're both fairy tales. People are led to believe in these in the same way that children are led to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. There has never been a single shred of solid evidence, and certainly never any proof, to suggest that God or the Devil or Heaven or Hell is or has ever existed. The Bible does not count. Anyone with even the slightest experience in the field of science knows that the Bible's ridiculous claims do not constitute proof.

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  • Have you ever seen them?

    No you haven't unless you where dreaming no one has ever seen them
    No you haven't unless you where dreaming no one has ever seen them
    No you haven't unless you where dreaming no one has ever seen them
    No you haven't unless you where dreaming no one has ever seen them
    No you haven't unless you where dreaming no one has ever seen them
    No you haven't unless you where dreaming no one has ever seen them

  • I believe in proof

    There is real proof in scientific theories, they don't just make these things up for fun. I'm certainly not saying that all scientific theories are true, some of them seem pretty far fetched to me, but at least there's some way to back them up. What proof do you have that God exists? Some old book that could have been written by lunatics? Improbable but certainly not impossible odds that life could develop? If there's ever solid proof that God exists I'll become a devoted church goer on the spot. But right now, if you really look at the arguments, you will find that atheism is the only thing that makes sense.

  • Hell no dumbasses

    You think god and devil are real? You think god made us? Who made god? And how is this bullshit even possible. It is nice to believe and think positively but the whole thing is just like a fairy tale. I thought religion is only for kids, get educated people.

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