• Love bottled water

    Bottled water vs soda who wins obviously bottled water wins because Americans are drinking more bottled water than soda 🥤 like right now yes someone posted said why do we drink so much bottled water 👍 but soda is bad for you I love soda but bottled water is better bye 👋

  • Bottled water is delicious 🤤

    Bottled water is so good and yes are you serious you think that tap water is better than bottled water soda 🥤 you probably heard about soda you know the soft drink that everyone used to drink and on July 26 2019 it said why are we drinking so much bottled water goodbye 👋

  • Hell yah boy

    Bottled water is delicious and good for you because soda is bad for you you wanna know why because soda is bad for you it can lead to heart attacks heart burn diabetes diarrhea and Casey cancer as well so yeah my final answer is yes I love bottled water goodbye 👋

  • Bottled water is good

    Tap water is gross It makes me want to throw up but you’ve probably heard about bottled water and tap water huh yeah since tap water is so not good for you bottled water was invented in 1767 Americas favorite drink is now water so yeah my final answer is yes

  • Bottled water is better

    Hello I am amro Ahmed I am 13 years old and my birthday is January 31 2006 so yeah you’ve probably heard about bottled water bottled water was invented in 1970 bottled water became so popular these past years so yeah my final answer is yes because I love bottled water

  • Tap water is gross

    Tap water is not good for you tap water is absolutely disgusting bottled water is good for you because bottled water is super good for you you can buy bottled water from different stores everywhere all around the world so yeah my final answer is yes bottled water is good for you bye bye

  • Yes it is

    Bottled water is definitely better than tap water tap water is gross but bottled water is good for you that’s why bottled water is delicious 🤤 bottled water is so good for you it’s because water bottles are sold in the United States everywhere so yeah my final answer is yes good bye

  • No no no

    Bottled is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so harmful!?. And it sucks !!!!!! I would die of thirst than drink it . It taste bad.The end !

  • Lake Eerie Contamination

    In 2011, Lake Eerie got contaminated with algae. My school water fountain got shut down, and we couldn't have clean water. And, this, was what made me drink bottled water, which tasted more fresh. The water is preserves, in cold places. Making it taste less chemically affected. Thank you very much!

  • Not at all.

    Bottled water is literally tap water enclosed in a bottle. The only advantage is that you can carry it around anywhere and drink it in places without clean or running water. Saying bottled water is better than tap water is an excellent example of corporate bull crap. Some may say it is 'purer' and 'cleaner', but that if that is the case, then why do I never hear about people getting sick from drinking free, non-pollutant drinking water?

  • About The Same

    I believe it is wrong to assume that bottled water is generally better than tap water. Of course this can vary depending on where in the world you are, but within the United States they are both about the same. Most bottled water is simply bottled tap water, there's absolutely nothing special about it at all.

  • No, it is not.

    There was a study done in New York City. There were 6 brands of bottled water and tap water all together. As for the impurities found in the water, tap water was more clean than 5 of the 6 bottled water brands. And in the taste test, it ranked third.

  • No,bottled water is not generally better than tap water.

    No,bottled water is not generally better than tap water.When one looks at the label for bottled water it generally comes from the same sources as local municipal water which is where tap water comes from.It just might be in a different community or location than where the bottled water is sold.

  • Most bottled water is tap water.

    The only advantage of bottled water is that you can take some water with you if you happen to not have access to a faucet. Most bottled water is just bottled tap water and there is no health benefit, taste difference, or other advantage to drinking bottled water rather than tap water.

  • Bottled water is no better than tap water

    Bottled water is an example of packaging and marketing triumphing over substance. In virtually all locations in the United States, Europe, and other developed areas, tap water is carefully treated for any harmful contents. Bottled water is thus no safer than tap water. Some people may believe that bottled water tastes better, but this will always be a matter of opinion.

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