• Bottled water does more harm than good.

    Admittedly bottled water often tastes better than tap water, kids like to drink, and it does not do as much environmental damage when recycled, and I know that these are good reasons to not ban bottled water. Nevertheless just because something tastes good doesn't mean you should keep doing even more so if you radically negatively affects the environment. According to the research director of the Container Recycling Institute Jennifer Gitlitz “Only 14% of single-serving plastic water bottles are recycled” “Therefore, 86% of water bottles sold are wasted in landfills, incinerators, or are littered. It is estimated that 30 billion single-serving bottles are gulped down each year in the Unite States. That means that 25.8 Billion bottles go into the country's landfills, incinerators, or are littered, Most people don't even recycle their water bottles! Furthermore just because kids like something doesn't mean we should permanently scar our earth by providing it.

  • Water is a basic human need and right.

    Water. The most basic of human needs. Is pumped out of our backyards and filtered cheaply. Then sold to the human population at absurd prices. Tell me, is that not sad? The most basic need we have is sold for a profit. Considering what companies do to Africa its impossible to support them.

  • Yes, there's no need for it.

    We live in the United States, a country where the water that comes from the tap is clean and can easily be purified if we want to be more certain of it. Bottled water is a ridiculous expense that we have no idea where it comes from. Also, the plastic bottles are clogging up our trash and aren't always getting recycled.

  • No, bottled water is not more harmful than good.

    I believe that bottled water is not more harmful than good. Bottled water is often safer to drink than tap water because it has been filtered to remove impurities. Bottled water often tastes better than tap water and is sometimes the only water kids will drink. As long as people recycle the bottles when they are done there is no harm in bottled water.

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