• It's all fair game.

    In the act of bow hunting, the must close the distance between he and his prey to distance of usually 40 yards or less. This gives a healthy chase of cat and mouse and also levels the playing field between the hunter and the hunted. It's been this way for thousands of years from prehistoric times to modern day. While there may be several instances in which animals are hit and lost, that is all part of bow hunting. There is no way to prevent that. But logically, most bow hunters are experienced enough to put the arrow where it needs to be. Keep slingin' - Austin

  • Yes it is.

    I am not a hunter, and I could never kill an animal myself. I do think that as far as hunting goes, bow hunting, is fairly humane. I think that if you are a decent bow hunter then the animal will be killed almost instantly and feel very little pain.

  • Yes. i believe bow hunting humane.

    Yes. I believe bow hunting humane, because it is a form of hunting. I see no reason to consider bow hunting as inhumane, when hunting with traps, or shot guns is considered alright. If we are going to legalize hunting than you should be able to hunt with whatever you want.

  • It's A Common Practice

    I believe bow hunting is a natural act since it's been well documented in the past by growing civilizations, nomads, Native Americans, and more. While, today, it may seem inhumane to those that aren't use to seeing animals die, it is quite normal. I do not have an interest in bow hunting personally, but I don't believe that people who do are committing inhumane acts.

  • Yes, it is what the natives did.

    Yes, bow hunting is humane, because it is a natural way for humans to get food to eat. Humans have been hunting with boys and arrows for as long as they have been in existence. This is the way Native Americans have gotten their food for thousands of years. It is much more humane than slaughter.


    Why isnt bow hunting humane? Im a bow hunter so I really enjoy it. What is so bad about? Why are people dissing it? It is prfectly normal to hunt animals such as deer and turkey with bows. I know that the bow won't give an instant kill like a rifle but where i live it is only bow and shotgun. We are not aloud to use rifles like .22

  • No, hunting with a bow is cruel.

    When you hunt an animal, you are there to kill it; not to injure it. As a rifle user i know that the nicest way to kill an animal would be either in the head or the heart. Personally the heart is better. Anyways, an animal will suffer long after you shoot it with an arrow. But with a rifle an animal will die instantly or near that area.

  • It is not humane.

    Prolonged pain and suffering or a quick death, which would you prefer? If deer could speak and understood, I am sure they would pick just as wisely as you just did; however, since they can't, we should be human enough to consider their suffering and not extend it just to connect with and feel good about our primal selves.

  • Bow hunting is not humane

    It has nothing to do with ancient civilizations, its about humanity. Yes our ancestors hunted and gathered, then we had great technological advances. Yes there maybe some hunters that need to hunt in order to provide for their families, but when these same hunters are posting videos from Africa for example they definitely have the means to provide their families with domesticated meat and food. I have yet to see footage of a big game animal dying instantly from a bow. I can tell you this I have sure seen many where the animals are suffering and seem to be in great pain. Modern bows are more accurate and have great velocity but they are still inferior to firearms. Lets pretend everyone capable of hunting participated hunting every year our country would be out of game animals in an instant. I do not hunt because I can buy everything I need. I do consume meat and animal products but it is not a everyday practice. I hope everything can prosper on Earth lets just try to be as civil and kind the the entire system.

  • Bow Hunting is Not Humane

    No, bow hunting is not humane. Bow hunting leaves the animal alive and in agony for many seconds or minutes, however long it takes for the hunter to reach the animal and finish it off. Obviously, this is not as humane as hunting with a gun, where the animal is usually killed instantly.

  • No, bow hunting isn't humane.

    The most humane way to kill an animal is as quickly as possible, so that there is as little pain as possible. The problem with bow hunting is that sometimes animals are hit, not at the intended target, and live. Sometimes they die from infections from the wounds. So it's not really the kindest form of hunting.

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