Is Bowe Bergdahl a traitor for walking off his post while serving in Afghanistan?

  • Sorry POW, it doesn't look good

    He straight-up admitted that he deserted his post in order to beg some random general at an HQ to fix his immediate command. If he's not going to the disciplinary barracks, he should be in the military hospital. He either f-ed up royally by deserting his post, getting captured by the enemy, wasting rescue resources, and putting the US at a disadvantage with the Gitmo detainee swap; OR he was delusional from stress or some other aggravating factor and should be evaluated in a mental institution.

    He doesn't just get to be a free civilian and not answer for something that egregious. Desertion in a time of war is a capital offense, he could face the firing squad for it; although Army would never pursue that, but it's legally within their rights.

  • You joined the armed forces voluntarily so you need to stay where you are assigned.

    When a person joins the armed forces he or she volunteers. We no longer have obligatory military service. Bergadahl did wrong, you don't abandon your post. You don't jeopardize the lives of your fellow serviceman and woman. When you do that, you become a traitor, you let your country down.

  • Yes, he is

    Bowe Bergdahl is definitely a traitor for walking off his post while serving in Afghanistan. It was his duty to stay with his troops and defend them. He is part of a unit and he put all of the units lives in jeopardy. This is unnacceptable and we cannot have this happening.

  • He is a traitor

    Anyone that is willing to walk away from their post while serving for their military is certainly guilty of being a traitor, and Bowe Bergdahl is no different for doing the same. There should be strong penalty for being a traitor because people are counting on them to defend their country.

  • No, not a traitor for walking away from post

    I personally believe in the throws of war, it is only natural for someone to either feel indifferent to violence or to be scared of death, and that in those moments one does not know how they will react. As is the case with Bowe Bergdahl, we may never know why he decided to do this, but I know I do not know what that environment would bring out of me.

  • Not treason (traitor), desertion

    I'll admit, I do not understand the US military much, but he left his post in 2009, and even if he reenlisted that day, he would've been discharged by 2013 (4-year term). Is there not a statute of limitations? He should be a civilian by now, and as such, be tried in civilian court, though there is no civilian law for desertion. If he is to be charged in a military court, it should be on desertion, not treason.

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