• Bowling is absolutely a sport

    For people with thick heads, Bowling can absolutely be considered a sport. Much in the same fashion that eating pizza on the couch on a Saturday night can be considered a sport. In other words, Bowling is absolutely NOT a sport. It is a sport for people with egos and calves that are too big for their own good, So yes, Bowling is a sport.

  • Bowling is a ****ing sport you mentally challenged twats.

    First off skill is required for a sport. Correct. You can't just roll a ball down a lane and say your playing for a sport. Bowling requires way more skill than you think to maintain the ball movement down a lane. Second most playing fields of other sports are usually similar if not the same. Bowling has different oil patterns that all players must get used to. Thats all for now you non intellectuals.

  • Definitely a sport

    I've been bowling since I was 5. It takes more athleticism and skill than people realize to be REALLY good. Those that say it isn't a sport would be humilated by those that do it for a living and probably couldn't break 100 if they had to. Period, The end.

  • It is a sport, It's really clear.

    The difference between the competition bowling and bowling the game is in a bowling game, Your just bowling with your friends. In bowling the competition, You bowl in leagues, Tournament and tours to become better every single week. I'm going to bowl in high school, And I asked them the same question, And they said yes. Also, You have physical movement. You can't have physical movement in poker, But bowling is just like the other sports. It's like saying baseball and football aren't sports, But they are cause of the competition and it's physical, Just like bowling.

  • It is physical

    There's a difference between the game of bowling and the sport of bowling. Anyone can go bowl with their buddies and drink. The sport of bowling is bowling 40 games on the most excruciating oil pattern over 3 days. Not only do you have to roll a 16 lb ball for 40 games, But you have to throw it exactly where you want it do, Or else it won't even be close. Why is archery considered a sport when all you do is sit there and aim a bow? Bowling requires way more since you have to be physically fit to bowl many games and keep your physical composure and have the endurance to bowl over the same mark. Another style some people use if someone's ball is hooking too much is lofting it over the gutter. You're telling me that lofting a 16 pound ball over the gutter perfectly where you want to throw it doesn't require physical ability?

  • It's tiring to play bowling

    You use a lot more muscles than you realise, It also costs a lot of money, A lot of equipment is needed in becoming a bowler but to become a good bowler it cost even more, Much more than any footballer. It's more than a hobbie to have fun with

  • Bowling is a Sport

    Bowling is a sport. For the people that say it isn't I understand why it isn't to them but when you are serious about it, We know that oil patterns change, We have to adjust to keep our lines, And we need to match up equipment to score as high as we can. Bowling is more complex then the average person that goes to a bowling alley to have fun. Bowling is a sport.

  • Yes it is

    Bowling has a mental game. Bowling is not just physically draining, After 10+ hours a day at a tournament, But also mentally draining after such an extended period of time. Each shot you have to think about, Each move you have to make you have to focus on. There are a variety of different oil patterns and each pattern requires the bowler to attack it differently. Choosing where you need to stand, What ball you need to throw, And much more. Thinking about absolutely every element of your game countlessly throughout the day. Just like any other sports, The variables in the game can be applied in bowling as well. For example, Using your legs to push off in football, Or getting power and strength from your legs. Throwing the ball at least 17 mph or more is common in the pro scene. From all that power and speed it's mainly from the legs that we have. Essentially comparing bowling to other sports, There's really no difference.

  • Yes it is a sport.

    People from all around the world bowl in high levels of play. There is even a professional league just like every other sport that plays globally. Just like any sport, In order to get good at bowling you must practice on a daily or weekly basis and get whatever equipment is necessary to help you succeed. If you ever get a chance to, Watch a PBA bowling tournament on youtube and it will definetly help explain that it truly is a port. However, People do just go bowling for fun. Therefore, For some people is may not be considered a sport even though it really is.

  • Um yes duh

    Its so simple to all the idiots who think it isn't try it and see if you can bowl over 250 every game like a pro player can. Huh not so easy is it? Yeah we noticed, But don't worry we'll wait for you to catch up. Sorry not sorry

  • Obviously not a sport - just a game

    First, I give credit that you need very good skills to play the game of bowling consistently well. I like bowling and it's fun.

    But saying that, when you can be completely out of shape and still bowl a perfect game, the peak achievement of the "sport", it's embarrassing to call that a sport. Please do not ever say it's a sport because of a 16lb ball (way less then 10% most bowlers body weight). Just don't. Even so, if someone can still bowl a perfect game with a lighter ball, that makes it even more embarrassing to make the argument that the ball is heavy. A skinny 10 year old boy has bowled a perfect game! Is he that much stronger and more athlete than you? And for god's sake, this is a game with no variables either. It's you, a flat lane and the same number of pins all the time.

  • Bowling is not a sport

    Bowling is not a sport. It is an activity, hobby, or a game. It requires almost no physical exertion; the most being carrying a rather heavy ball (up to 16 lbs.) a few steps, then rolling it. It may require skill, but so do crafts, board games, and other HOBBIES. It's not a sport.

  • Lmao not a sport, its a game

    At this rate every game is being referred to as a sport from video games to bowling. A real sport is a war against the opponent, an effort a physical and mental one requiring training and hard work. Where as in games like bowling the objective is to get a high score and/or beat other high scores. Yes, bowling has team competitions but once again the objective is to beat the other's free attempt at doing so. Where in real sports its a fight for the score, no free shots. Yes your job is to get score, but you fight to keep the opponent from scoring and you fight to try to score. Real competition. You win not just because you scored more but because you proved you can get past the opponent and while not letting them pass you, You actually win, they could not beat YOU. In games people beat your SCORE.

  • Bowling is NOT a sport

    Some statements say it takes practice to bowl good, But you can practice math problems but that does not make it a sport. You do not have to run laps to bowl. You simply swing your arm and let go of a ball and hope it hits pins down.
    People are saying you move and that makes it a sport, You move to turn the page of a book, But that does not make it a sport. Board games require skill but they are not a sport. The only people who say bowling is a sport are bowlers, Yet both bowlers and non-bowlers agree it is not

  • What does it require?

    Bowling requires absolutely no sort of athleticism and the only way to get something out of it physically is to bowl in difficult conditions. It does require skill, but it doesn't require the ability and athleticism that most sports require. Most people see bowling as a Friday night activity after going out to dinner. An activity. A leisure activity.

  • Bowling is for fun, not sport

    Personally i believe that bowling is not a sport, although it is considered one. Bowling is an activity in which you enjoy some leisure time with friends or family, relax, eat some food and have an enjoyable time. Sport to me is based around physical activity, it requires you to exert energy and includes competition. Bowling requires hardly any physical activity, you stand up, pick up a ball and roll it onto the ground at pins, wow, so physical! Sport consists of many activities, but the main one is running, in tennis you run, in football you run, in AFL, you run, in Rugby you run, you get the idea. You cannot classify bowling as a sport considering that you can eat while playing it! I mean seriously, what actual sport allows you to order a meal in the middle of the game, NONE! Maybe its just me, but honestly, bowling should not count as a professional, competitive sport.

  • Bunch of losers say its a sport

    Gabe lord plays the game and the real sports are xc and track and you have to actually maintain a diet to have a good season to where as in bowling you can be completely out of shape and still be a top athlete and the debate is just generally stupid because everyone that supports it as a sport has been playing it their whole life so obviously why they say its not a sport because that would mean they wasted their whole life

  • Not a sport

    During bowling you do not need nearly any physical strength or ability. Bowling is a recreational activity a game a hobby not a sport. Sports not to involve running and perspiration from physical activity. It may take skill but there is not nearly enough physical activity. That is why bowling is not a sport.

  • Why are people still debating this issue?

    If you can smoke and drink while competing in it, and it doesn't negatively impact your performance, it is not a sport. The only people who argue that is a sport are those who are serious about it.

    There is not enough physical activity involved to be classified as a sport.

  • It's not athletic

    Literally all you do in bowling is roll a heavy ball, and pick up a new ball. Sure, there are competitions, and teams, but the same can be said of LOL or chess. It has very little physical exertion; it is certainly not a sport, in any meaning of the word.

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