• Bowser is better

    Bowser has been the main antagonist of Mario games for years now. He is constantly being defeated and humiliated. He usually kidnaps princess peach. However,I feel that Bowser just wants some company around his gloomy castle. So when Mario keeps on defeating him,that is making him miserable. So go Bowser!

  • Because browser is the villain

    Mario is the hero he saves a lot of characters in the games and the shows Mario is boss and browser is bad he kidnaps characters in all the games at lest one characters in each game he kidnaps them because he wants Mario to fight him all the time

  • Bowser is not better than Mario

    Mario is definitely better than Bowser because throughout the whole game Bowser is constantly being defeated by Mario. Also Bowser is just a low life criminal who should just be locked in jail and give princess peach the key that way she can hold him captive so he will know how it feels.

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