• Barbaric sport or just barbaric.

    All physical sports activities require some degree of practice, Discipline, Coordination, Precise movement, And strategy. What distinquishes boxing is the act of hitting your opponent with the intent of overpowering and injuring them. (The football tackle could be considered similar. ) It appeals to an animalistic urge to see someone beat into submission with the added appeal of bloodshed. "Barbaric" is an apt description.

  • Yes it is STILL barbaric.

    Why? . Lets say there is science in it rendering not to be a simple sport, also there are rules and regulations to avoid death of boxers. But the thing is, there are two people hurting each other to their wits end in front of who knows ,the whole world maybe , and what those audience get out of it ?..Entertainment? , Money? , Glory of the country or of that particular person boxing?, can you people be less humane?.. What difference it has from a Gladiator match? None, except a gladiator match is a fight to death..

  • Boxing is barbaric

    Boxing a "sport" where the aim is to do as much damage as possible to your opponent ? Simply barbaric it's the kind of thing the Neanderthals did. And it certainly doesn't teach discipline it teaches arrogance. And hate. I have met many many boxers and the majority think they can fight anyone and are very aggressive to the few who aren't like that I salute you but I honestly prefer karate which teaches you real discipline. It teaches you to only use it in self defense it develops your mind. Boxing is like giving a toddler a gun because in the end someone will get hurt.

  • Yes boxing is barbaric

    Boxing is the only sport where the aim is to hit your opponent hard enough, give them so hard a beating, that their opponent is then rendered unconscious. If a public citizen beats a man to death they will serve a minimum of 25 years, but if a boxer kills his opponent then nothing happens. I think the best thing to do is ban the sport indefinitely

  • Boxing is barbaric and is a legalized murder.

    It is violent because two people fight until one of them is beaten up. Boxing is not just dangerous but it is also a crime it represents the worst qualities of humankind.Hey were saying that boxing is sport and it has certain rules and regulations that are followed so that they will be safe during the game but there are still people dead or injured after the fight. Prominent boxers like Muhammad ALI suffered from Parkinson's diseased after retiring from boxing.

  • Yes, boxing is barbaric.

    Boxing is a truly barbaric sport. It is basically two people punching each other in the head and chest until someone is unable to stand. Many boxers receive long term brain damage as a result of their boxing career. It is truly barbaric that we should root for people to do something that causes brain damage.

  • Boxing is barbaric.

    The goal of boxing is to incapacitate your opponent. Clearly, this is a barbaric sport. All other sports have symbolic goals, such as getting a ball into a net or across a symbolic line. Players should not physically attack each other. Boxing is inhumane, and it should be banned as a sport.

  • A "sport" in which people hit each other.

    People hit each other, and the first one damaged enough that he can't fight back loses the "game". How is this entertaining? This is nothing more than watching other human beings suffer for no particular reason. It is comparable to dog fighting. I cannot understand why people find pain entertaining.

  • Absolutely not! Boxing is the sweet science

    Boxing is safer than ever, all who oppose it can suck a chunky one. It is not barbaric, if it were barbaric it would have been abolished decades ago. Boxers have a 1 in 2200 chance of dying in a boxing match. Simply put you won't die in the ring.

  • If you think it is, you are very short-sighted.

    Essentially, yes boxing is just a sport where two guys beat each other up with their fists. However, there are more to it than meets the eyes. Boxing requires immense coordination of your entire body, from your toes all the way up to your fists. Punching is not simply the swigning of an arm but it is to deliver your entire body weight onto your fists. Furthermore, throwing a punch and actually landing it are worlds apart. Various strategies are applied in a match in order to test out the opponents. All so that you are able to deliver a precise and powerful attack. If you truly believe that any simple minded heathen are capable of such feat, then i am sorry but your vision is so myopic that i reccommend you getting a pair of glasses.

  • Boxing is not a simple sport,

    It not only involves punching someone. Tactics are also important in boxing, how to move around the boxing ring , catch your opponent off guard and strike their weaknesses and there is an opportunity. The sport of boxing keeps you alert and have a quick instinct when required. So therefore boxing is not barbaric.

  • No it's not

    Nowadays there are rules and regulations that control the sport, but before, years ago there were no rules. In Ireland's case if there was no boxing we wouldn't have any Olympic medals, it also freedom of choice whether or not you want to do boxing. It also keeps a lot of people off the streets and teaches them discipline to be healthy and make a living.

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