• Fact- Majority of worlds discoveries are done by males

    Logical conclusion- Males are smarter. Rather prove that premise is incorrect and majority of worlds discoveries are not, in fact, done by males.
    Or present us with alternative conclusion and evidence for that conclusion. (for example, that males made majority of discoveries only because females had no rights. In this case, you must provide evidence suggesting that if females had rights, they would had made equal amount of discoveries)

    My conclusion logically follows from premise.

  • Absolutely Yes! Boys are Smarter than Girls!

    No offense. It can't be argue. Since, most successful and famous persons are male, such as Hawking, Newton, Edison, Bach (a composer) and many others. Boys uses their brains rather than hearts, unlike Girls who uses their emotions that's why less of Girls are successful. No doubt Boys are much much smarter than girls.

  • Yes girls get better notes, but is that all that matters?

    So girls work harder and get better grades in result, but laziness is actually a quality. Same thing for immaturity and risk-taking, they are all qualities that help man get there creative new ideas. All most
    successful entrepreneurs are men.

    Now everyone would say that girls are normally better than boys at arts so they are more creative than boys, but is making random abstract paintings, copying something or someone or representing a problem in the world really creativity.

    To me, creativity is making something beautiful, but it should also have a certain use to help people in the world. Art should then be a hobby and not something thought at school.

    Instead we should teach innovative creativity and it would be seen that boys will be separated with girls in this class like gym class.

    "Women didn't even have the right to education in the early years, this is why girls are not the most successful entrepreneurs yet."
    This is totally not true. Men are scientifically said to take more risk and to have better spatial intelligence than woman which help them invent in new innovative sectors.

    In conclusion, men would dominate in innovative class if there was this class and are in result better in the real world. They are then smarter than girls.

  • Girls, on average, are more influenced by social-pressure and therefore more likely to accept the majority's PoV. This makes them less objective and therefore dumber.

    Because they are more conformist, they question are less willing to question fallacies, which is what one needs to do in order to build a logical frame work. In order to gain a deep understanding into a subject one must also be willing ask the question why.

    I am not debating who has the better brain. However, even if one concludes that a boy's ability to recognise patterns is equal to a girls, the logical frame work that a boy develops because he is more willing to ask the questions would make him smarter by comparison.

  • There's a pretty standard distribution by both sexes on both sides of the intelligence spectrum.

    But the average of any cross section of that bell curve would have males being, on average, a larger group in number than females of equal intelligence. Blame social policy or history or whatever else you'd like. The fact is, things are the way they are now due to generations upon generations of some natural disparity between us. Its been continuously compounded over centuries.

    I'm not saying this social policy should be changed or not be changed ... But if you at all believe that the reason women are in their state because of policy being imposed by males ... Then you must also be admitting that that position is in some way lesser and in turn are answering this very question!

  • We work the hardest

    We work the hardest so we have to be smarter. All boys/men do are watch TV or play video games. Us girls/women work harder than men; we cook, clean, study, do chores, homework,and important things that we have to do. And if we work harder than men and get our brains going by working hard and studying then we are smarter.

  • Sorry, girls are actually smarter.

    Especially at first. A 2014 study that compared the performance of over a million girls and boys across 30 countries from grading statistics collected between 1914 and 2011. The finding of this massive study was that not only do girls get better grades than boys in every subject including so-called “boy subjects” like math and science, but that they have always received better grades than boys in all subjects, all grade levels, every year for the past century and in all 30 of the countries investigated. The boys provided little contest. The countries involved ranged from Australia to Iran:


    Grades aside, girls also have a significant skills advantage over boys from very early on. This was the finding of a 2005 study done on a very large sample of 560 thousand children between the ages of three and five. The tests included such skills as comprehending sounds, reading, writing, counting, calculating, measuring, sorting, classifying, physical development, creative development, listening, talking, and general knowledge of the world—and the girls beat the boys in every single one of these skills by the age five:


    Recent studies (2014) confirm that girls mature earlier than boys because "girls tend to optimize brain connections earlier than boys":


    For example, studies have found the female superiority in language production and reception may be related to the fact that a specific language-related gene called FOXP2 is 30% more active in girls than it is in young boys:


    Of course, none of this proves that all girls are smarter than all boys, just that girls are more mentally equipped than boys. It is true though, as IQ tests often show, that boys DO make up for lost time, only later on in their teen years, but only because girls are systematically held back. Remove those social barriers for girls, and girls will do all that boys can do.

  • Of course not.

    There is no smarter gender. There might be members of certain genders that are smarter and dumber, but on average I can't think of any legitimate reasons why men would be smarter than women OR vice versa. If you look at statistics, the IQ differences between men and women are practically nonexistent (maybe a half a point differences in the means). The difference between men and women in STEM jobs is an irrelevant fact, because it was only recently girls started to be allowed to take up jobs in the science workforce, and even today it's not something that's encouraged.

  • Boys are definitely NOT smarter than girls.

    "Well, then, why are all inventors and geniuses men?"
    First of all, women didn't even have the right to education in the early years. If women couldn't learn anything, how were they supposed to invent or discover anything? Not giving women a right to education, was a mistake on the part of men. By the time women could learn, most of the simple, basic things were already invented (by men).
    "Is Boys? Smarter than Girls?"
    This is the question that we are debating about. I'm going to say that this question was written by a MALE. (Excuse me if I'm wrong.) Next time, please use the correct verb form - Are Boys smarter than Girls?

  • They are not

    Boys are not inheritely smarter than girls. If this is a legitimate mentality that people have, then we will create a society where women tend to not be educated, but that would not be their fault, it would be society's fault. This is how it's work for many years in history, but the world is changing, more and more women are being properly educated, and it is evident that girls are capable of being as smart or smarter than boys.

  • Women have the brains

    Numerous studies have shown that girls do better in school than boys, and that girls are more observant. Studies have also shown that girls have much more intuition than boys will ever have. We are much more emotional strength and many others. Sure men have done a lot for the worlds, but that's because women aren't given a CHANCE. Many women such as Marie Curie, Margaret Mead, Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Elizabeth Blackwell, Lucretia Mott, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Sally Ride, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sappho, Margaret Thatcher, Babe Didrikson and Maria Mayer have broke the restrictions against their gender and succeeded in life with flying colors. Many of them have also received nobel prizes. This just goes to show how smart and marvelous girls are.

  • If you wrote that headline and you "is a boy", then definitely not

    Refer to title and poster. By "prince of music", the poster is most likely a male. If he's asking "Is boys? Smarter than girls?", the CORRECT grammar would be "Are boys smarter than girls?". Not saying that all boys are like this nimwad, but if they all were I think we know who's smarter

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Mike01506 says2014-11-28T23:31:02.617
I'll assume the bad grammar is the joke of this question. If not, then all hope is lost.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-12-02T02:12:37.643
Did a girl write that question? This doesn't bode well for them. Off to a bad start.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-12-02T02:47:49.157
Pah ... Society's fault. Following society's lead in the first place is what put you there. That is what is truly unintelligent. I'm with ObjectivityIsAMust, not questioning the box enough until now is the faulty wiring that has led to their circumstance.