Is Brad Paisley's new song 'Accidental Racist' a publicity stunt?

  • I believe so

    I believe it is a publicity stunt. Why else would Brad Paisley be doing it? He's a singer after all, and his ultimate goal is to sell records. It's a perfect time to drop a song such as that, what with all the super PC censorship stuff flying around the world.

  • No 'Accidental Racist' is not a publicity stunt.

    If you follow the history of Brad Paisley's music his songs have always told a story and have faced up to issues that have been controversial, 'Accidental Racist' is no different. Paisley is a product of the New South, he has pride in where he's from (West Virginia) and it's history (it was a free state).

    As the lyrics state we need to address the issues of race, and not only when there are problems. I'm a black American and I don't see the 'stars & bars' as sign of slavery anymore that I see the state flag of Maryland (which contains the coat of arms of the Calvert family) as a symbol of English oppression.

    It's time for all Americans to stop living in the past.

  • No, I think it is just another country music song.

    When country stars run out of real life problems to write their musical stories about, they get desperate and start looking around for stuff to jam into another song to fill up their album to sell more records and buy that new boat they have had their eye on. Good country music is poetry to music, Brad Paisley has run out of poems.

  • Brad Paisley’s New Song is not A Publicity Stunt

    If that argument were used, then just about every song written would be in some form or fashion a publicity stunt. This is no more one than any of the thousands of other songs composed over the years to directly address debated topics, or social issues for contemplation, within our society. This song, although it deviates from Paisley’s normal genre, is not anymore a publicity stunt than the dozens of other releases he has had over the years. It’s just a song, which simply happens to have overtones that deal with the touchy subject of southern born racism, or the lack thereof, in our country. Nothing more, nothing less.

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