• Yes, I think Bradley Wiggins is a good athlete.

    I think it takes a tremendous amount of skill and dedication to become successful in professional cycling, Bradley Wiggins has widely gained acceptance in the cycling world as an elite cyclist, he has won two gold medals in the 2008 olympics as well, I think overall Bradley Wiggins is a very good athlete.

  • Wiggins is a good athlete

    Bradley Wiggins is a very good athlete. He is mush better than the average male that goes out on the weekend and tries to play football or baseball. His great skills and smarts make him not only good in his sport, but good in many other sports as well. He is in good shape.

  • Yes, Bradley Wiggins is a good athlete.

    The answer is extremely straightforward. Bradley Wiggins has won the Tour de France and three Olympic gold medals. To ask if he is a good athlete is almost an absurd question. He has reached the pinnacle of his sport. If the question is whether or not cyclists in general are good athletes, the answer is still a resounding yes.

  • I feel Bradley Wiggins is a superb athlete.

    Bradley Wiggins is a great road and track racing cyclist. Cycling, at first glance, may not look as athletic as say, football or tennis. But cycling is all about strength and endurance. Bradley Wiggins sometimes pedals a bicycle, at top speed, for hours on end. The enormous amount of energy and resilience this requires is proof that Bradley Wiggins is a great athlete.

  • Yes, Bradley Wiggins is a good athlete.

    I think that the reason some people may think that somebody like Bradley Wiggins isn't a good athlete is because they do not really like watch something like cycling. But it is a sport that is really difficult to do. Being able to cycle at the elite level like Bradley does requires great athletic skills.

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