• It is soup

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  • Cereal is a soup?

    While still debatable a soup is a liquid dish and so is cereal and while not being boiled or having the same exact ingredients as most soup I think it would still be considered as one just like peach soup an almost ice cream like soup would be considered one.

  • Bowl, Spoon, Liquid and both a snack or a meal.

    Am i talking about cereal or soup? You can't tell can you. I knew it. Cereal is a soup because it fits all of these qualifications. Soup can be cold, Cereal can be hot. But cereal is in fact a soup. Got you conservatives. Milk is equal to broth, In consistency and protein

  • Spoon liquid solids bowl

    You dip a spoon into liquid that has solids floating In it contained inside a bowl. That is both soup and cereal. You lift the spoon and the liquid and its suspended solids to your mouth. There is cold soup like vichyssoise and gazpacho so that don’t start with me about that.

  • Cereal is soup.

    Soup is a liquid with things inside it. Cereal has a liquid (milk) and things inside it (cereal). You can make it with milk, Generally served warm or hot, And usually eaten with meat and vegetables. The words generally and usually mean not always. Therefore, Cereal can be counted as soup.

  • Oversimplified who is 100% accurate said so

    Cereal is a soup because historic youtuber oversimplified says so so it is a soup, Also vladimir lenin said so who is very very very smart, And so did joseph stalin but he was not smart but still lenin said so so yeah it is a soup and lenin is smart

  • Cereal Is A Soup

    The definition of soup is "a liquid dish, Typically made by boiling meat, Fish, Or vegetables, Etc. , In stock or water"
    Cereal nuggets are made of wheat/oats/other grains.
    They are vegetables, No?
    Plus, That definition is wrong. A type of soup called gazpacho is served cold and not boiled. Also, Not all soup is made with water

  • All signs point to soup

    Cereal with milk is a cream-based soup. Not all soups are hot, And even if some people heat their milk up. Also, If I have Campbell's chicken noodle soup, Is it not soup until I heat it up? Soup does not need meat in it for it to be soup (tomato soup). Things like Wheaties are a grain soup. Some soups are indeed sweet. If soup is a liquid-based food being either cream or broth-based, Cereal by definition is soup.

  • Cereal itself is not soup, However, Cereal with milk it a soup.

    Cereal is defined as "a prepared foodstuff of grain. " This means that "cereal" itself is not a soup. However, A soup is defined as a liquid food; often containing pieces of solid food. Milk is a liquid food, And cereal is solid food, Therefore cereal with milk is a soup.

  • Cereal is soup.

    Soup is anything with liquid and food particles. Period. I am currently watching an episode of A Hotdog Is A Sandwich on YouTube. Highly recommend. Josh is a very persuasive person. Chilli however, Is not a soup. No questions there. But seriously go check out the channel. Your opinion will change

  • The liquid milk in your cereal isn't boiling.

    If we were to define soup, it can be easily defined as: a bowl of a heated/boiling liquid that can also be mixed with other ingredients.

    What cereal is contradicts that definition. Cereal is made of some sort of crunchy flakes mixed in with nice, cold, fresh milk. The total opposite of soup. Plus, cereal eaten as a nice healthy breakfast.

    Soup is eaten to calm or heal the body. So if cereal was a soup, wouldn't that change the definition of what soup is?

  • In my opinion, a better definition:

    Soup: "a liquid food made by boiling or simmering meat, fish, or vegetables with various added ingredients." -Dictionary.Com
    Since cereal is normally not made using such elements as meat, fish, or vegetables, and it almost never requires any preliminary simmering, I cannot morally consider it a soup. Now, my argument is simply based upon Dictionary.Com's definition, and definitions of the same word may vary from dictionary to dictionary, but the definition used by tacoman987 is debatably questionable. The fact that the definition used the word it is attempting to define is alarmingly... Alarming. If you tried to break the definition down and define each individual word, you would eventually attempt to define the word "soup" which you would find is a substance that resembles soup. But what is "soup?" Oh yeah, it is a substance that resembles soup! Wait... As you can see, you eventually run into this baffling, silly cycle. I for one completely agree with triton11 in claiming that breakfast cereal is a soup is positively preposterous.

  • Of course it is NOT

    Even using that definition, think about cereal. What type of soup does it resemble? Cereal was not made to resemble soup, it was made to give people of all ages a healthy alternative to other breakfast snacks. Cereal starts crunchy and cold, and progressively gets soggy and warm. Soup does the opposite. Due to this logic, cereal is not soup. But it is the shiznits.

  • It's still cereal if it's dry

    The debate at hand argues that cereal is a soup because it has solid chunks floating in a liquid mass (forgive the imagery). However, cereal is in fact still cereal if the liquid--the milk--were to be removed, therefore rendering cereal not reliant on the liquid, not liquid-based, and therefore not soup.

  • No it’s not

    Cereal by itself isn’t a soup but once it’s in milk it is. So if I were to eat cereal out of the box it’s not a soup. How ever I poured milk in the box I would in fact have a soup. I need seven more words so here

  • Soup is specific in what it means

    There are many foods that seem similar because they have a liquid property but fall under different categories. These are some of them and they are all classed differently.


    There are differences to why they are named differently, you are free to look this up. Cereal is it's own category. I would say it's biggest difference is that it's solely based on milk, grains, chocolate, peanut butter, fruits or other sweet/desert sugary consistency.

  • Of course it's not.

    It's called "cereal" and it's a category, because there is different kinds of cereal. Soup is a category too, because there are different kinds of soup. It's like saying is my bread meat? Or is my phone a rubber ducky lol? It could be made into a hybrid but it's your life right?

  • Cereal not soup

    Cereal is cereal. Soup is soup. Cereal is not soup. Soup is not cereal. Do you eat your Frosted Flakes in chicken broth? Do you put your chicken and vegetables in milk? No. With that being said, cereal could not possibly be soup.
    This question is very insulting to cereal enthusiasts, I think I'm going to have to report you to Captain Crunch.

  • It's fact soup is not cereal.

    Soup is with broth and cereal is with milk. You look up the definition of the two and they're different. Do you put milk with chicken and rice? NO you put broth, therefore feral and soup are completely different. Also, as said previously soup is salty and cereal is not.

  • Did u really ask this? NO!

    Do people call soup soup? Yes! Do people call cereal cereal? Yes! Do people call cereal soup or soup cereal? NO! Cereal is its own catagory, soup is its own catagory. Soup is hot, cereal is (mostly) either dry, wet, cold, or any combination of the two. So ya... Cereal is not soup.

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