Is Breaking Bad the best television drama of all time?

Asked by: hanna0012
  • Of course it is

    This show is smart. You think of really reaching past the boundary. This show lets us be in the drama and living in Walter whites world,without actually stepping in it. We as human beings love drama,we love trouble,we love boundaries being pushed,we love watching other peoples problems....Thats just the reality of it. And being able to watch, in the comfort of your own home and be shocked with adrenaline rush of the out and ins of this show with so much happening in an hour of this show....Pure geniousness (if thats even a word)

  • Best Acting, Writing, BEST EVERYTHING

    No show compares to Breaking Bad period. Every episode is riveting, the acting is the best I've seen on any TV show and EVERY MOMENT big or small has a purpose! The Characters are so complex and the show goes where no show has gone before, after every episode you feel exhausted and heart broken and wanting more!
    YOU are NEVER bored watching this show!

  • We are Walter white.

    We all have that little bit of Walter in us. That feeling of chaos and fury that we keep deep down inside, we just haven't had cancer awaken it within us. The best acting, writing, directing, and cinematography ever seen on the small screen. The show keeps tension on every situation better than any program before it, while characters like Saul and skinny Pete provide just enough comic relief. Breaking bad teaches us that bad people pay for their actions, but that every once in a while, it feels good to be a little bad.

  • An extremely well planned, epic show from start to finish

    This show is so well written, so well acted, and completely planned out so that it is the absolute best example of what we can find on TV. You won't find any other show so consistently well produced, so addictive, intense, mind blowing as this one - no question at all.

  • Yes, Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television shows of all time!

    Sure you may all think this is heavily opinionated, but this is the opinion section!

    Well first off, the cast is absolutely perfect and they have a perfect chemistry (haha chemistry) Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul the main duo in BB are fantastic, they make it feel like they aren't just acting, they make it seem like they really are two meth cooks. Anna Gunn's character, Skylar White who plays like the perfect match for Cranston in the show. Her character evolves alongside Bryan Cranton's character perfectly and realistically. She reacts how a normal person would react in her life filled with unbearable stress from being pregnant, to having a teenage son with cerebral palsy, to having a husband with lung cancer, and then later having the baby and having to manage her and keeping her job. The side cast compliments these three perfectly, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Steven Michael Quezada, and Giancarlo Esposito all play their character with passion and bring elements (haha elements) to the table of Breaking Bad.

    The writing is absolutely fantastic and very unpredictable. Vince Gilligan and his creative genius makes the whole world of Breaking Bad seem very real to the audience. The Breaking Bad crew pulls it all together to make a 50 minute long masterpiece filled with great soundtrack choices, great camera angles to create this level of intensity, and the editing department just cuts it all together to make the story its great tale.

    Sure there are other dramas that in my opinion tie with Breaking Bad such as Sherlock, but Breaking Bad is unique and its always refreshing to see something new to become something so great in this day and age of TV in America.

  • Breaking Bad-the best.

    Vince Gilligan is a smart writer. Bryan Cranston is my favorite actor. This show has the best cast ever. Yes, there are goofs in the show, but hey it's a lot of work as it is to go around looking for details most people would never notice. Too bad it is ending.

  • Nope. Not really.

    The Wire. The Shield. Even The Mentalist. All of these are better dramas than Breaking Bad. Patrick Jane of The Mentalist is, despite his almost superhuman talents, one of the most human characters ever portrayed on television. He IS rage, frustration, despair, masked under a cheery, devil-may-care veneer. A tragic tale of a man fighting against impossibility to avenge his family. Vic Mackey and the strike team of The Shield are an incredibly gritty and realistic portrayal of corruption, doing the wrong thing for perhaps not the right reasons, but certainly sympathetic ones. And The Wire... Well, forgive my appeals to authority and popularity, but its quality is well-established.

  • The Sopranos holds the title.

    Breaking Bad is a good show. However, The Sopranos is much better. In every department, The Sopranos trumps Breaking Bad. The Sopranos was a show where you'd actually forget they were acting and think that what was going on was reality. Whereas, Breaking Bad you knew they were acting every now and then... Which kinda put some rust on it.

  • Not Quite the Wire

    Breaking Bad the television series was a complete and total masterpiece. From beginning to end, the series kept its viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what would happen to Walter White. But the series was just not quite as good as HBO's The Wire, which examined inner city life in Baltimore.

  • There are better...

    If you look at any reasonable criterion, Breaking Bad is not the greatest television drama of all time. First, The Sopranos did a superior job at creating characters. Lost's mystery added a sense of atmosphere Breaking Bad cannot hope to match. Dallas set the standard for cliffhangers. The West Wing's fast-paced dialogue and unremitting messages have not only inspired new programs, but also a new generation of voters and debaters. 24 had a more innovative concept. Not to mention, "of all time" includes shows to be produced in the future. So, can we claim Breaking Bad will never be matched as a drama? I say no.

  • No, I think you are getting all hyped because you watched something on television and wanted to share your enthusiasm.

    First of all, limiting yourself to _television_ drama is a mistake. I would look at theater drama in America first. Pick one, any will do. Make a schedule to see one or a few live. Then watch some international drama when it comes to American stages. Remember the Greeks (500BC onwards) were the first to be attributed makers of drama. Read their drama, because that is essentially the structure (all?) drama to follow uses.

    Also, I do not think ANY television drama is "the best" television drama and that anything you could see _Live_ would be far, far better than anything you saw on TV. I might even assert that television drama is not drama, but I'll save an explanation of that for another topic and thus don't try to argue it here, make another opinion page if you want to hear an answer.

    Source: My mentor who has done all of this first-hand and shared his experience with me.

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