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  • Why does this bother people?

    Honestly, as long as a woman is feeding her kid, and not just whipping her boobs out all willy nilly, why does anyone care? Guise. Guise, listen. These women are PROVIDING NOURISHMENT FOR THEIR CHILDREN. They don't want you to look at them, they are not trying to be porn stars. Just leave them be, and look the other way.
    In fact, someone who stares at any woman's breasts, much less those of a new mother feeding her baby is the indecent one

  • No it's perfectly natural

    There's nothing sexual about breast feeding. Honestly if I ever catch someone complaining to a mother in person I'll have plenty to say. How dare anyone make a mother feel uncomfortable about breast feeding in public! What a horrible attitude.

    Can you imagine the inconvenience of only breast feeding in private?! For many women that would be totally unrealistic. And why should they even try!

    Only a dysfunctional and overly sexualized mind could object to breast feeding in public.

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