Is breeding Orcas to live in captivity humane?

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  • No it is not

    How dare we, as humans, presume to understand the needs and wishes of these magnificent creatures. We can find human rationale and logic for doing absolutely anything. Look at Hiroshima for a perfect example of this subconscious subjective reasoning. Why are we so pompously delusional when it comes to matters like this??

  • No. Plain and Simple

    The documentary" Blackfish" is a great film to watch for this specific question. In the film, it shows how depressed we, humans, make them purely for our own entertainment. It's barbaric. The way one should think of it is how would you feel? How would you feel if you were born in a huge cage and made to do tricks all day for the entertainment of another species?

  • Orcas should not be bred or kept in captivity

    An orca is supposed to grow up in the wild with lots of room to swim and explore. In tanks they will not be getting enough room. It's important that they live naturally. While they are in captivity they are not learning al the skills they should be learning normally

  • No, it is

    Not ethical. Animals should only be kept in captivity for there health benefits or for helping a species on the verge of extinction. These animals especially need a large area to swim freely. The tanks they are kept in do not give the orca enough room to swim. Orcas migrate around the world. Its just not right to force a whale into a small habitat.

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