• Should Brett Favre be considered a top 5 player of all time?

    When you look at the QB records that Brett Favre has broken, I believe that he is a top five player. He was tough and at age 39, he almost carried a team to a Super Bowl. I believe this is a question worth talking about since Frank Winters stated that Favre is a top 5 player.

  • Top 5 player no. Top 5 QB probably but its close.

    It is hard to measure plays of different positions so I guess I would measure it based off of impact players had in the game and when you use that criteria, I would say that for sure lawrence taylor, deon sanders, jerry rice, chris carter, bruce smith, barry sanders, deacon jones, joe green, mel blount, oj simpson and many others arguably had more of an impact in their games. For example, bruce smith was often triple covered yet could still do some damage. Favre had a very strong defense behind him so I feel like they were just a good team to start with. For Qbs, I would say that brady, montanta, unitas, young, elway are all ahead of him so for me, he is just edged out of the top 5 spot at number 6. I will say he may be the most exciting player I have ever watched

    Posted by: SO74
  • Brett Favre is NOT a top 5 player of all time

    Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Johnny "U", Otto Graham, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Cris Carter, Roger Staubach, Barry Sanders, "Mean" Joe Green, Terry Bradsahw, Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, Ray Lewis, Emmit Smith, and Deacon Jones, are all better players than Brett Favre. Look them up.

  • Favre was a gunslinger, nothing more

    The guy was good, but not even top 5 at his position. Unitas, Bradshaw, Marino, Montana, Brady, Elway, Manning (Peyton), all ahead of him. He is consistently ranked around #9 or 10 QB of all time. Pretty soon Aaron Rodgers will leap from him
    The guy threw too many interceptions and lost too many playoff games, often via interception.

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