Is Brett Favre the best Quarterback in NFL History?

Asked by: GBPayton
  • Screw stats or check your lying eyeballs - in 2 parts.

    For HYATT™ what it comes down to is 3 things:
    1. ) Does a QB make you enjoy the game, And arouse emotions to a fever pitch regularly enough that he becomes completely unforgettable, No matter how much time has passed?
    Tim Rattay (40 game QB for the 49ers). . . Hell, Few remember him now and it's only been a little more than a decade since he fell out of the NFL.
    NOBODY, For all eternity, Will ever forget Brett Favre - or the emotions he raised when you watched him play.
    Do you get all whipped up like that when Tom Brady plays?
    Hell no, Not even New England fans care THAT much about the guy, Because he's B>O>R>I<>N>G.

    2. ) Do you BELIEVE in the QB?
    Say what you will about Favre's penchant for throwing up a bag of kittens on occasion (still part of the fun), Every time he did, You held your breath anticipating yet ANOTHER climatic finish to his game.
    Win or lose, It was always going to be thrilling, And 2/3rds of the time he DID win, Taking those chances.
    What's more aggravating?
    A QB who leaves points on the field because he was afraid to risk winning, Or a QB who lost the game because he was UNwilling to win it?

    3. ) Was he a leader who dragged others with him, Or a leader who had to have the support of his cast and coaches to win?
    Without Hoodie, Tom Brady would just be some guy who got drafted in Rd 6, Maybe hung around for a few years as a backup, And then went away, Just like Tim Rattay.
    (Don't believe it? 2 words. . . Matt & Cassel. . . End of story. )

    Brett Favre (and John Elway too, In his own way) took far from perfect teams, With HORRIBLE coaches (Chilly and McCarthy) all the way to NFL Championship games - and had it not been for some criminal officiating, Would have appeared in his 3rd Super Bowl at age 40 & most likely won it against the Colts, Too.
    2009 MIN was not a great team, (2007 Green Bay was even worse) but they had a GREAT LEADER - a QB who could make stars out of NFL rejects.
    He made multiple HCs look like geniuses when he lead teams they coached.
    None of those HCs were even good at their jobs, Let alone in Hoodie's or Shanahan's class as HCs.

    Brady and his ALMOST perfect 2007 season.
    Was that team "loaded"? You bet.
    Was it coached by one of the best in history? Youbetchera$$ it was.
    Win the Super Bowl? LMFAO, Nope, Because Brady is NOT the guy you want in that fatal moment, The one where it's do or die, The one where you put everything - your legacy, Your reputation - on the line.
    Ask yourself this question.
    Brett Favre at the helm in New England in 2007 - with those players and that HC - would HE have beaten NY to win Super Bowl XLII?

  • Screw stats or check your lying eyeballs - in 2 parts.

    It's easy to detach oneself and look up a lot of emotionless numbers on a stat sheet, Run some squiggly algorithm and proclaim the G. O. A. T.
    But football IS a game of emotions, Burning, Red-hot, Emotions, Capable of making grown men cry, And nobody cries as well as Dick Vermeil - except maybe Brett Favre.
    Brett Favre was capable of arousing the most intense emotions in fans, Above all others, Whether it was love, Hate, Fear, Or just the pure unadulterated enjoyment of a brilliant artist painting a canvas for generations of critics and viewers alike to enjoy for what it is and what it represents.

    Football, In it's purest essence, Is a game, Played by children.
    A select few get to extend their childhood into their adult lives and play football (for our enjoyment) just a little while longer, But nobody lives past the age of 40 or so in this game, And those that do are invariably some of the greatest artists, Gifting us their unique vision of what it means to perform in this artistic field of endeavor.

    Greatness has it's own measure, Divorced from facts and numbers, Because deep down, Greatness IS a thing of the soul, Appealing to each person in it's own special way.
    Likely no 2 people feel about greatness exactly the same way - but while some QBs can't be denied their functional high achievements (statistically), Judging them in relation to others in their class certainly will never be able to be collated the way pure numbers can - and this is why the debate will rage on forever.

  • YESSSSS yes yes

    Brett Favre is the best quarterback who ever lived. Why? Because he is the only play in NFL history to win the MVP award 3 straight times. He has won a Super Bowl (XXXI (31)). He has the most NFL records by a single quarterback in NFL history (161). A possible first ballot Hall Of Famer. And arguably he was the most fun NFL quarterback to watch. That is why I think Brett Favre is the best quaterback in NFL History.

  • Obviously he isn't.

    Farve was a good qb but with his stats (I'll mention them in a second), the only thing that even got him in the hall was his longevity. Farve threw for a whopping 3600 yards a season (average), 25.4 touchdowns (average) and 16.8 interceptions per season (actually a bad rate if I may say so myself). 1 Super Bowl Win in 20 seasons isn't a very good rate either. I mean Manning got shit on for not being great because he only had one in 12. Why is it okay for Farve to have 1 in 20???

  • Not even close

    I will acknowledge that Favre is a good quarterback; however, he is not the best in NFL history.(*I'm am not necessarily for a quarter back, but rather against Favre)
    Peyton Manning is by far a way better quarterback tha Favre.
    He broke Favre's record for most TD passes with 539 passes.
    He also tied Favre's record for most wins as starting quarterback, and has alot less losses than Favre.
    And finally here is a list of every record Manning has
    NFL career passing touchdown record: 509
    Single season touchdown record (2013): 55
    Most passing yards, season (2013): 5,477
    Most games throwing for 300+ yards: 86
    Most passing touchdowns in a single game (tied, 2013): 7
    Most games with a passing rating higher than 105: 92
    Most games with a perfect passer rating of 158.3: 5
    Most seasons with 350+ completions: 9
    Most games completing 80-percent passing: 16
    Highest completion percentage in a postseason game with 450+ yards (2005): 81.8
    Highest yards-per-game, season (2013): 342.31
    Most seasons passing for 4,000+ yards: 13
    Most consecutive seasons with 25+ touchdowns: 15
    One of two quarterbacks to ever beat all 32 teams (along with Brett Favre)
    First quarterback to beat 31 franchises: 2007

  • Not even close

    Sure Brett Farve is a great QB, but Tom Brady is better. Farve won 1 Super Bowl, Brady has won 4. Farve threw 336 career interceptions, Brady has only thrown 150. Farve has a career passer rating of 86.0. Brady's career passer rating is 96.4. Brady and Farve have both made 11 pro bowls, despite Brady having played 3 less seasons than Farve. Brady is also on pass to pass Farve in touchdowns and passing yards.

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