• It's the British people's choice

    Uk needs to be uk again, We never used to be in the EU and we don't want to be anymore, We want our independents, Also there are lots of benefits of leaving, There will be less immigration so that the UK won't become to over populated and the NHS will have more money because some people who come into the UK don't have tax that pays the NHS and that's why there losing money.

  • I'm saying yes

    When we leave the EU we will no longer have to pay £200 per person, this allows us to save a lot of money to benefit our country. Also when we leave, the vat will go down on things such as our electricity & water bill. This will save us more money and allow us to save more. Because of this, it could reduce the current poverty rate.

  • It was an ingenious idea!

    Brexit took us out of a system which wished to take away out national sovereignty and give it to a continental parliament! It also forced laws on the UK which it didn't want, overwritten the elected parliament of the nation, and basically relegated us from sovereign nation, to region of a European super state. However, while the EU gave us some benefits, we are so much better out of that mess than in it!

  • It was a majority vote, so yes

    Because Europe is culturally very different to the UK, so why would we want to be overruled by countries so far away, and by a leader of the EU who isnt even elected, we have no say over what happens in European politics, especially the most important aspect; who is elected

  • People who are not affected want brexit

    Look on the internet for the age of the voters, It are mostly stubborn old people who are not affected by the brexit, That want it. Young people who are negatively affected by it with studying, Travelling, Certain jobs and even various media. Who are against it. This show that brexit is a bad idea, As it only has negative effects no positive.

  • Northern Irish border

    Border tensions in Northern Ireland contributed to many deaths during the troubles. Positive political dialogue and development culminating in the Good Friday Agreement has resulted in a frictionless border with an ensuing period of peace. To me Brexit represents the dismantling of this political progress and the regression to hard borders and instability. Northern Ireland did not vote for it, yet they are the people who may suffer most. This was a selfish, ill advised and shameful vote.

  • It will most likely fail

    Now I am not from Britain but judging by what I seen. I think this will be a horrible idea. For starters there are numerous benefits to the EU for Europeans like the freedom to go go across Europe without having to go through border security. Another thing is that you don't have to be in the EU to be apart of its policy's ( for example Switzerland is apart of the border agreement and but not in the EU). A problem with Brexit is the negotiations. After all once Britain hasn't really left as of yet, they are in the midst of negotiating with the EU on trade deals. After all it's beneficial for Britain to get the trade deals over with before they leave the EU ( most likely 2019) however it beneficial for the EU to negotiate when Britain is out of the EU so the EU will wait until Britannia is out. A quote I feel is the real reason brexit was a bad idea is from a notable British candidate during the snap election. " Your Prime Minister, your MP, Theresa May, called this election about Brexit. Have we heard from her what she plans to do about Brexit? No. This is mad. On Thursday, you are going to be faced with Prime Minister May, or Prime Minister Corbyn, against twenty-seven prime ministers from the European Union. It will be a s@#^5 show" Lord bucket head and when a guy wearing a bucket on his head is making more sense than any other candidate, you know your in trouble. Now I am not British and if I made some inaccuracys feel free to comment below.

  • I think not

    We were told the NHS would be given £350mil more per week, and that obvious bullshit has backfired. The EU protects human rights- May even wants to repeal the Human Right Act! Brexit is a daft idea based on lies, ignorance, and blind patriotism. It must be stopped for the good of the nation.

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